Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Continuing with my monthly lessons learned:


I learned to allow myself to be happy. No matter what is going on in your life, learn to be happy. I have seen a lot of (& continue to still see) opposition in the last eight months. Not being in school, being car-less, job-less, date-less... you name it. What in the world was I doing with my life? 

But do miracles cease? NO. They do not.

Now I may still be car-less and not in school BUT I have a job! I started a week ago! Its a part-time summer job that goes now until mid August. I work in a call center at Seven Peaks Water Park in Provo. Its close enough to walk to and not die of exhaustion. Hallelujah! I call people and let them know their pass of all passes is expired/going to expire and ask if they want to renew it. Everyone has been pretty nice so far with the exception of your typical call center crazies. It pays the bills and is good enough for now.
Plus I start EFY in Provo on June 12th so I won't even be around that much this summer to work there. I am so excited for EFY to start!! 

ANNNNDDDD I have the world's cutest boyf like of ever. J is one of the best and treats me like a queen. Everyone needs a Jarrett in their life.

Basically, don't let others diminish your happiness just because they are jealous/unhappy with their lives. You do you. & you be happy if you want to be. I don't want to stress about what others think/think I should do and be. I am going to be who I am because I love myself. I have an amazing life and I AM HAPPY. & that's all that matters.

-General Conference
-E&O'S wedding
-got a job
-met my cousin's baby
-J went on a fishing trip to lake powell

J took me fishing at Salem Ponds ^^
^^My country boy is pretty cute and obsessed with fishing.
  ^^ I caught my first fish (and then we put him back) BUT. EW. Disclaimer I didn't follow through and kiss it.
Me, J, Josh (his bro) & Eva (his niece) hiked through Payson Canyon to this waterfall. J piggy backed me over the water. And yes, we totally kissed under it.
Spring time in Provo!
J & I went to Mona Ponds a few weeks ago when the weather was nice. Such a beautiful place!

My old roommate, Eryn got married on Saturday & we went to her reception in Bountiful.