Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 11


How is everyone? Send me pictures of your costumes! Ami and Matt and Lauren and Jared did and they looked so legit. I'm so proud! 

Can't believe that it is P-day again. Here's a re-cap of my awesome week:

So we taught S about personal revelation and it went pretty well. He seems to be progressing  but gets stuck on the little things. We had a brother in our ward who speaks Chinese come to talk to him and it was so cool to see them talk! He helped out a lot with explaining certain things to S. It was really good to get his perspective because he also knows a ton about the Chinese culture so he was able to relate what we were talking about to how S was raised. It was awesome! 

We had our ward's Trunk or Treat on Friday and it was a lot of fun! A family in the ward gave Sister Mangisi and I a pumpkin full of goodies like pens, notebooks, flashcards, and candy. It was so sweet! Love them! And of course I couldn't help myself so we walked around to the cars and got some candy. We were trying to go around and talk with everyone so it was the perfect opportunity plus they insisted that we take some candy. Can't say no to that! A few of the children in the ward brought their non-member friends with them so we had the opportunity to be introduced to them which was nice. Hopefully something will come out of it!

Stake conference was this weekend. Elder George R. Rhodes Jr. of the Seventy came to speak to the stake. He was pretty intense but a funny cute little old man. He wanted all the missionaries in our stake to go to the Stake Leadership Priesthood Meeting so it was cool to be there! A ward in the stake did a role-play of their ward council meeting and how they should be conducted. Elder Rhodes came down to them from the pulpit and asked the elders to see their planners and then grilled them. You could just see all of us missionaries cringing for them. And it was my district leader and his companion but they did a really good job. And Elder Rhodes complimented President Anderson on his great job with us missionaries :) The Adult Session had a lot to do with missionaries and members working together. So if you can go out teaching with the missionaries! It means so much to us and to the people we are teaching. The Temple President and his wife came to the Sunday session and talked about how important it is that we try our best to go to the temple. I am so excited to go to my Temple Jubilee (its when we get to go to the temple at our half way mark!) It was a very uplifting weekend. Fun fact: the Stake President is in our ward so its like a little piece of home here with me in the Springs :) 

A district goal of ours is to create a family mission plan with every family in our ward and so far, so good! It's amazing to see the families working together to share The Gospel with the people around them. The wards are just so great here! 

Wishing happy birthdays to Stephen, Aunt Barb, Aubrey and Hermana Graff this week! Love you all! 

I love and miss everyone and I am so glad to hear that all is well and that you all are staying very busy! Hays how was your birthday?! Keep sharing the Gospel with the people that you meet! Be fearless ;)

Much love and xoxo's,
Sister Peterson 

Week 10


Time just seems to fly by faster and faster! I can't believe that I have been out for a little over two months now! They saying is true- time goes by fast when you are having fun. And missions are SO much fun because you are bringing the happiness and joy that this wonderful restored Gospel has to offer! 

S is progressing! Last week we talked to him about prophets because he didn't really know that much about what they do. So, we went over the basics with him. And it went really well! We challenged him to pray to know if Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson are and were prophets and he accepted so we will see how that goes. Tomorrow we decided to talk to him about personal revelation and are hoping that talking about that will help him to realize how he receives revelation to his answers. It was so funny because last week he told us that if he joined the LDS church that he would be a good missionary so we said okay then why not!? haha he is a great guy :)

We went on exchanges with the sister training leaders on Thursday. They are so much fun! We knocked on some doors, contacted some referrals and set up appointments with the ward members to make family mission plans. We made six this week and have appointments to make 6 or so more this week! Needless to say this week was very busy and awesome! Fam-fam, if you don't have a family mission- make one! I know that as you have those people in mind that you know that you could share the Gospel with that Heavenly Father will bless you. And don't forget its all in the INVITATION. D&C 68:6 reads: "Wherefore be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the Living God, that I was, that I am, and I am to come." That's a promise!

Saturday we helped a sister in the Explorer Park Ward in our zone help her non-member friend and husband move into Northgate (our area) and there were about twelve or so of us missionaries helping them move. And the lady that we were helping move told us that when we all walked into her house that she almost started to cry because she was so touched. They are an awesome southern couple and they live just down the street a bit from where Sister Mangisi and I live so we got her number and she invited us for dinner when they get more settled in. Just a really sweet couple that we would love to teach! So we will see what happens there.

Well, everyone just know that life is good and God is good. The church is true and the book is blue! I love this gospel so much and would be lost without it. Share the gospel with someone you know this week and then write to me about your experience. Will you accept this commitment #missionarymode haha. I love you all so much and am so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends! Have a wonderful week and be safe!

Peace and love from Colorado Springs!
Sister Peterson 

Shout outs!

Happy birthday on Sunday, Hay Hays! Can't believe my baby sista is going ot be 15! That is just too crazy! Are mom and dad getting you everything Tay Swift again this year? haha I love you little one!

Happy 21st birthday tomorrow Sarah! I hope you have a fab day and remember to add a little bit of Arabian nights into your day hahaha. I love youuuu, Sarebear! 

Today is Sister Mangisi's 20th birthday so of course I had to give a shout-out to my amazing trainer/companion and my friend!

Week 9

Hey there family and my devoted fans,

What a week it has been! So we're having P-day today on a Tuesday because yesterday was Columbus day or whatever.... haha kidding grateful that he found 'MERICA! Just sayin...
So here was my week!
Oh, S.... we are still teaching him and he is getting closer. We can feel it! Invited him to be baptized again but he still wants to know everything and doesn't want to join the church yet because he is afraid of falling away. So he has really good intentions but we explained to him that he needs to have the faith to act first and then see the miracles.
Wednesday, Sister Mangisi and I taught the other half of the Activity Day Girls. They were so cute and excited about missionary work! They wanted to roleplay and be missionaries and investigators, it was precious!
T and his grandmother are doing well. We went over the first topic in Duty to God with him which was really neat for us to do! Just needs to have more friends in the ward in his quorum. Friends are important, ya'll!

Okay so Sunday was so awesome because Sister Mangisi and I walk into the chapel and notice this guy in jeans so we walk up to him and find out his name is J and that he came to the church building last week and listened to General Conference. And he said that the elders called him and told him to come to church and he did! And we are pretty sure he is in our ward boundaries because he had just moved from the area next to ours. And we have an appointment to teach him on Thursday. Miracle!!
It is currently snowing.. wait I thought I left Rexburg? Haha apparently not.. so maybe I'll build a snowmen later. I'll keep you posted next week on my adventures in the snow. Hey, mom so all the elders think your name is legit because of the football player, Adrienne Peterson hahaha. Keep up the good work in those games!
Well, I love you and miss you all! Hope everyone is doing well!
Hugs and Love,
Sister Peterson

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 8

Hola Familia! 
How is everyone doing? I just wanted to say that I am doing well and loving life! I love being on a mission and the happiness that it brings to me! 

Our week...

We taught S on Tuesday about the Word of Wisdom and he committed to live it! Super exciting! He says he drinks coffee and this Chinese tea that he's grown up with but he said that he would try not to this week so we need to follow up and see how that went.
We also visited T and helped him make a profile because our stake really wants everyone to make a profile for themselves. It's a really great missionary tool to use! And we have a ton of cards that we hand out to people! So I think it would be a great idea for you all to make one if you haven't already. (Don't worry dad it isn't like Facebook at all...haha) It's just so neat how the church can use technology these days!
On Thursday we went over to the Power's house for dinner and taught her friend R about the Holy Ghost and answered any questions that he had (mainly about the temple). It is just so neat to teach him because he is SO ready to be baptized! He finally told his parents that he wanted to be baptized into the LDS church and I guess they didn't take it too well.. it's really sad to see but we are so proud of him in the righteous choices that he is making!  I don't know if I mentioned this before but the only sad thing is that he isn't in our area so we have to pass him off the missionaries in his ward :( But we are taking him to see a baptism of two eight year olds in our ward on Saturday. I am super excited!! I love going to baptisms, especially as a missionary!!

Well, transfers are this Wednesday so that means that I am half way through my training program which I can't even believe! Time just seems to double when you're on a mission but I have been loving every second of it! It's hard but soo worth it. Just like Elder Holland said "Why would we think it would be easy when it was never easy for Him (Jesus Christ)?" It's so true but as long as I put my faith and trust in The Lord and listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost then I know that I can do all things. With God, ALL things are possible!

 General Conference was so amazing and super spiritual!! It's like a birthday weekend to us missionaries. Happy birthday to us!!! I especially loved Elder Holland's talk (of course) about mental illnesses and that if we understand that hope is never lost and utilize the precious gift of the Atonement that we can overcome all things. 

Last P-day we went to a little town called Manitou Springs. It was a very interesting town because they are all pretty much hippies and witches. No lie. We actually had to take our name tags off (which I did not like!!!) because people would say weird things to us... The town had seven different springs of water that you could drink from but it was nasty because it tasted like seltzer water. 

Shout outs!
Souderton Sunday School- thank you so much for the card! It was very sweet. Love you all!

Well, I miss and love everyone and I am glad that everyone is doing well!!
Sister Peterson 


Week 7

Hey family!! 

Well, it has been another great week on my mission. Missions are just the best and I have never been happier! Sharing this good news of the restored gospel is what truly brings happiness to others and I am so grateful to share it every day with everyone around me. 

S is coming along! Last week he brought his comparison chart and we cleared up any questions that he had. He really seems to understand this gospel but is just waiting for his answer. I told him that I know that Heavenly Father has answered him and that maybe he just hasn't recognized the answer yet. We invited him to pray and ask Heavenly Father if Joseph Smith is a true prophet because if he is then the Book of Mormon which he translated is true and this church is true. Hoping for good things for S! 

Taught T and his grandmother about the Holy Ghost on Thursday. He told us that he recognizes the influence of the Holy Ghost in his life and that he has been kept out of danger for heeding the promptings. They also came to church again on Sunday and got his membership number to start his family history.  I am so proud of them!!! 

On Thursday, we went over to the Powers family for dinner and she always has her friend R (30's) over so this is the second time that we have met with him. Last time we taught about the ten commandments and this time we talked about The Book Of Mormon. He is in 2nd Nephi and wants to be baptized!! It's crazy because he was raised to not like Mormons and now he is investigating the church!! He just wants to see a baptism before his own so good thing there are two in our ward coming up on the 12th! Miracles!! The only sad thing is that he isn't in our ward so we will probably have to pass him off to the missionaries there :( But he is a great person! He loves watching videos on and he has watched The District. Cool, right?!!

Wednesday we went on exchanges with the sister training leaders. I went with Sister Empey and it was cool/a little scary because I was now the "senior companion" since it was my area. We went around to visit less-actives because there are quite a few. A few didn't answer but we one of the ladies, her husband who isn't a member, let us leave her a note with our number which was super nice of him! We had an appointment with the S family. They are an older less active couple and they are having their doubts so we read out of The Book of Mormon with them. We read the story of the Tree of Life which is all about God's love and how we need to hold fast to the iron rod and to have faith! They are a very sweet couple and the husband wants to come to church but his wife isn't ready yet so we are praying for them. After that I went tracting for the first time.. dun dun dun... we went into an apartment complex and it really wasn't that bad! People are super friendly and willing to listen to us. We placed two Book of Mormons and handed out a card!!!! Miracles!! The coolest thing was that we were knocking on one door but no answer so we went to their neighbor's door and talked to him and then the other guy came out of his apartment so we finished talking to his neighbor and went over to the apartment who we had been knocking on before and he said he went to high school with Mormons and let us in! So we went in and met his wife and one year old daughter. We found out that he is a devote Christian and he had a TON of questions so we talked with them for awhile and he was very interested in learning what we believe. And he gave us their number to call to set up another time we can go meet them. That was such a cool experience with knocking doors. 

We have been working with less-actives to bring them back to church. We need to bring the sheep back into the fold so to speak. That is just as important as finding and teaching investigators because they too are lost and wandering. Also, we went to a family history fair on Friday and it was awesome! Family History is becoming huge and it is so neat to teach people about because everyone loves learning new facts about their families. Saturday we went over to sister powers to help her chalk paint her son's dresser and it was so much fun! I think I may have found a new hobby of mine haha. 
The Relief Society Broadcast was amazing! It is so important that we keep those covenants that we make at our baptisms and in the Holy temple. I am so grateful for our prophet, Thomas S. Monson and the love that he has for all of us. Let's all strive to keep our covenants that we have made. What wonderful blessings will come when we do! I am SO excited for General Conference this weekend. Have a question in mind, like mom always taught us to do, and I can promise you that Heavenly Father will answer your questions. 

I love my mission and Colorado Springs. It is gorgeous here and I can't believe that my first transfer is over this week and that I am half way through the training program. Thank you for supporting and loving me. I love and miss you all!!


Jenna- HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thursday!! 19?! I can't even believe it! I love you sooo much little one. Party it up giiiirrrlll!

Adie-Happy birthday on Wednesday! We are getting old, my friend. Better bust out the canes soon haha love you woman!

Hays- GREAT JOB on making jazz and wind ensemble again. We all knew you could do it ;)

Have a great week! Thanks for all your prayers! 

Sister Peterson 

Week 6


This week flew by and a ton happened. So I have a lot to talk about but that's not anything new... haha. It was a great week and I am loving my mission!!!

People we taught this week...
 So, Wednesday we met with our beloved S. Sister Mangisi and I taught him about tithing and fasting. And he is seeming to understand the importance of it. Smart guy! He is still struggling with knowing EVERYTHING like every little detail of the Gospel so the Masseys, a couple that are his fellowshippers, have been helping a ton with answering those question for him. Thank goodness for them! They are awesome. Yay member missionary work!! So near the end of the lesson the spirit was SO strong like I physically felt a punch in my stomach strong. And everyone was bearing rock solid testimonies to him. And Sister Mangisi and I had talked about it ahead of time to invite him to be baptized and we decided that me, the greenie, would take the lead in extending that invitation to him.To say the least, I was NERVOUS. This in fact WAS real life (David after dentist anyone? hahah). I said a prayer in my heart and had the thought "he is going to say yes." So with that, I invited S to be baptized if/when he received his answer. And... he said YES!!! Without hesitation. So then I asked him if we could set up a date for him to work towards... and.. he said no, not yet. He didn't want a date because he wants his answer. So it was a really high and then a low. But it's okay! Because we both have faith in Heavenly Father's timing and we know that He will answer S. So we are crossing our fingers for Tuesday!!!

We met with T and his grandma on Thursday and taught them about the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood. Such a neat topic, right?! Thank goodness Jamison was there to tell them about how having the Priesthood has blessed his life and his families life. They agreed to come to church AND THEY DID!! This is a huge deal for T because of his not wanting to socialize and this was his second time coming to church in four months. So I was so happy when we saw them there! Baby steps in the right direction...

We also met with a less active member this week, L and what is neat about that is that she doesn't really let anyone in and no one has been able to meet her because of that. So, when we set up the appointment with her and then when she let us in we were beyond thrilled. She is a great lady but she needs the motivation to go to church. Her whole family (husband, a son and a daughter) have all been baptized but are all older and inactive. She said her parents are great examples to her but that she just doesn't go to church. The awesome thing is that she agreed to have us back later this week to role-play a lesson to her!!! We are so happy!!!

Brother White from our ward has a friend from work, W and we met with him on Friday and taught him the Plan of Salvation. He had met with the sisters before I came so we picked up where we left off. He is a super goofy guy, in his fifties and has this laugh that just... you just gotta hear it hahaha. Super funny guy! So I appreciated that. He was a Christian but now is a Methodist and so he does read the Bible and has knowledge about it. We are not really sure if he is just being polite to Brother White by taking the lessons but hey he's there and listening and learning with us then that is seed is being planted. It's all about the invitation!!! 

Shout outs!

Hays- Good luck in band auditions. Rock the house little one!!!! Also, a letter from you would be nice... just sayin' haha.

Jenna- How's school!??! Ah BYU-Idaho is the best!!! I am so much more grateful for that little town of Rexburg. It is truly such a special place! I bet the boys are just knocking your door down seeing this new cutie in town so swat them away like flies! hahaha.

Joy- Happy birthday on Thursday Joy Joy!!! They grow up so fast... *sniff sniff* Love you, sister!! 

I am so humbled and grateful to be on a mission. I know that this is where I need to be right now and that my Heavenly Father trusts me enough to send me to His prepared Children. I love and miss you all soooo much and love hearing from you all!!!

Infinite X and O's (cute, huh?)
Sister Peterson