Wednesday, August 31, 2016


May has been a whirlwind of beginnings.

I was working at seven peaks call center for the past couple of months which was not as bad as you may think. I actually really liked it and the pay was super nice. Plus you could wear whatever you wanted because it was a call center. Guilty of wearing sweats.. that was one time, okay okay maybe it was twice... I had to quit that job to start EFY at the end of May because it was just a summer sales job.

I got a few calls from EFY with them changing my schedule around. So I started my first week as a brand new counselor in the Provo 1B session on May 30th. It was so much fun but also so exhausting. Being an EFY counselor reminds me of the mission. I miss my mission. But man. I don't miss always being this tired!! I started in a trio- one other girl counselor (Laurel) and a guy counselor (Jantzen).  Brad Wilcox was the session director which was wonderful. He taught us so many good things about life & the gospel.

I've had so many wonderful opportunities to learn and grow and better myself this year.

In the month of May I learned to "find solace in each other".

I was texting Meg's sister Carly about marriage/how she knew her husband was the one...(curious about these things. I actually talked to a few different people about this topic) And she told me that ^^ I was like "how profound!" Right? I love that we are made for each other to help others. I have met people that I know I was meant to meet. I have changed and grown. I have found solace in others.

I have found solace in my one. (But more on that in later posts.)

We are here to help others along this journey in life. My first week of EFY taught me everything-basically because it was my first week and I knew nothing.. It was a good learning experience for me to care after others. Girls and boys that I had just met-I instantly loved them. It felt like my mission again in that aspect. I could feel the love of God through me for them.

"We are simply walking each other home." -President Uchtdorf

Jarrett's recent converts from his mission were sealed to each other and their two year old son in the Oquirrh Mountain temple. It was a beautiful day.

Ombre called for a selfie
Laurel (co-counselor, Brad Wilcox, Me)
Me and Shannon hanging out at a dance
J would come visit me on break and bring me treats.