Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Let another fabulous week begin

Hey family!! Just another fabulous week in my life as a sister missionary! It's really the life.

Yesterday for Memorial day we helped a lady plan for her son's wedding reception that will be at her home. It's cool because I want to see if the event planning life is the life for me. I am liking it a lot but maybe not so much the wedding events. Don't want to deal with any bridezillas ya dig? The elders were also working in the yard while we were being such women talking about weddings haha #typical. Then we went to a bbq at the William's (our "mission parents") house where there was food, football and fun! Totally schooled the elders in football, nbd. You taught me well, dad! I am trying to ignore the soreness as I type...
A. is getting baptized on Saturday!!! That girl is so solid and we are way excited for her! So we are just going to be seeing her as much as we can and making plans for her special day :)
As you know and everyone knows since I talk about it every five seconds.. I am GOING TO THE TEMPLE ON THURSDAY! Clearly I am stoked. I have been praying and thinking a lot about Gma this past week before I go and just hoping that she is just as excited as I am. It's going to be a wonderful day so think of her and me that day!!
Found a few new investigators and had a really great conversation with a family outside on their porch the other day. I know that as we have the Spirit with us and that we are bold, that we can't go wrong! When we bare a sincere and honest testimony, people can't argue with that. So be bold and remember it's the truth so don't be afraid to share your testimony. When you write me back, tell me about the experiences that you've had with bearing your testimony! Doooo itttt! 

Am. received her temple recommend on Sunday and we are going to the family history center on Saturday to find her a family name to take. We are hoping to go to the temple with her sometime next week!
Zone conference was so insightful last week. Sister Clawson and I also won the celestial award for the cleanest car also, not a big deal! ;) haha.Check out these totally rad pictures from zone conference....

Totes presh! I'm their fave :)

I love you, I miss you, you are the best!! Stay safe and keep being the bombdiggity. 
Sister Peterson

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Good Life!

Hey famjam!

It's been another great week here in good ole Puebs! I never want to leave, it's so awesome here!

A. has a date to be baptized on May 31st and is super ready!
We are currently working on finding family names for Am. to take to the temple soon! She is so excited and wants to go as soon as possible. We found out that her grandma who was a member married a non-member so there is work to be done there! How cool would that be if Am. could go in a year to seal her grandparents together?! Ah, it's so amazing :)
There's some drama going on with S. so we're not sure what is going to happen with him as of now. Poor guy :( 

We did a ton of service this week, it was so awesome! On Thursday we went to the food bank to put together boxes of food for people that don't have much. A member introduced us to a couple there named R. and T. She later came over to us and said "I had just met them but felt like I needed to introduce them to you. I was so scared but I just followed the spirit!" We swapped numbers and are hoping to go over soon to help them around the house. Its really neat to see members following the spirit and talking to others about the gospel. Like I have said before, I have really gained a testimony of member missionary work. It really does have the most success!
I can't wait to go to the temple on the 29th! I got the itinerary in the mail the other day. I am so excited! 

Y'all rock! Stay strong in the gospel!!
Sister Peterson

Monday, May 12, 2014

9 Months....Say What?!

It was so good to see you all yesterday! Y'all are looking good in my neighborhood haha ;) It made my life to be able to talk and hear how good everyone is doing. I can't believe how big baby Leah is getting!! It's unreal! Her singing (screaming) "let it go" was hilarious haha. 

A. came up to us at family home evening last week and said "Guess what? I have decided to be baptized" WOOHOOO!!! SO exciting!!! So we are looking at her baptism in two weeks. She is having some family drama but she notices how happy the gospel makes her. Its so neat to see how happiness can lead people to finding the truth. Especially working with the young single adults where they start to go their own way in life and don't know what will really make them happy in life, its good to see them find that true happiness that the gospel provides. It happened with Amber and its happening with A. and S. now! 

Am. was confirmed yesterday and it was so special. When she sat down I asked her how she felt and she had the biggest smile on her face. Last night she texted us and asked when we could go to the temple together. She is so excited to go to the temple, it is so cute!! 

So I am going on my temple jubilee on may 29th!! I am so pumped to go to the Denver

I love you and I miss you!!! Can't believe its been 9 months already. It is going by so fast for me and it just makes me want to soak it up that much more!! I love being a missionary and helping people find their way back to the church or just find it for the first time. It truly has been the best experience of my life and I know that true happiness is and can be found in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Stay safe and share the gospel!!

Sister Peterson 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Is It Mother's Day Yet?

Yesterday was probably the best day on my mission so far because A GOT BAPTIZED!! It was wonderful and the spirit was SO strong! Her friend, Dariyon baptized her! He was baptized three years ago in high school so that's where they know each other from. Her mom, sister, niece, younger brother and her brother's friend were all there. It was so great that they came out to support her. Sister Clawson and I had the biggest smiles on all night because we knew that she was doing the right thing! This is where true joy comes from! I am so happy for her and can't wait to see all the wonderful things she will continue to do with her life. She is so sweet, she spoiled Sister Clawson and I with a bunch of gifts on her special day, she is just the greatest!! #pureclass Now, we are planning on going to the temple with A for her first time soon!!! She is just so happy and seeing her happy made all of us know that we are doing the right thing and that true joy comes from living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Oh yeah this is so cool! So we found out that A's grandma that passed away a few years ago went to the same ward that Amber is going to now! It is such a small world and its so cool to see how the Lord works.

So a family in one of the wards took a bunch of us out to Little Caesars on Tuesday. There were some ysa guys in their ward there so we started talking to them and this is what happened:
me: "Are you a member?"
him: "A member of what?
me: "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Were you baptized?"
him: "No"
me: "Well do you want to be?"
him: "Yes!"
....basically the coolest conversation ever. Turns out his name is S and he's a foster kid that lives with a family in one of the wards. He wants to be baptized so he got permission from the couple he lives with and also his case worker. We taught him the first lesson on Thursday and are going back tomorrow to teach him the second lesson. He's so prepared and is looking to be baptized on the 17th!! It was so crazy how it all happened but I know that it was a miracle!!

We are still meeting with A.l and she is super solid. She came to church again yesterday, the CES Fireside and Amber's baptism. She loves the church and the fact that everyone is very welcoming. Good things to come!
Hope you all got to watch the CES Fireside last night. I liked that he talked about how we spend too much of our time on technology and not on people and building relationships. I know I have been guilty of that before but being on my mission has totally helped with that and not having a smartphone...that totally helps too. He really is hip haha. 

I am grateful to be on a mission now to not have to worry about all of the things that I used to. It is really nice to not be "in the world" on a mission, its actually super legit! It gives me time to really think about what I want in life and how I can be more like our Savior each and every day.

Happy birthday to my mommy today!! I love you! You are the greatest mom in the world. I can't wait to skype on Mother's day :)
See your faces on Sunday!!!
Sister Peterson