Monday, July 28, 2014

The Transfer of ONE THOUSAND

So remember in the beginning of this transfer I told you that Sister B and I wanted to contact one thousand non-members? Well, I am SO happy to say that WE DID IT!!!!! We hit that beautiful number 1,000 on Friday. And do you also remember that statistic that one in 1,000 would get baptized? Well, a nineteen year old girl named S has a baptismal date for August 12th! But here's the kicker....she's not in our ward boundaries!! :( So depressing!!! So Sister B and I were walking from the library to Costa Vida (typical...did I ever mention that we get half off because the owner is LDS? I actually like it there now so its a tender mercy on my MSF) Anyways, so we were just walking by, talking to everyone we saw and there were two ladies walking their dog so we said hi and just started talking to them. Found out that they were mother and daughter and the daughter used to go to mutual with a friend growing up and really was interested in learning more. We set up an appointment to go see them the next night to teach the restoration. We brought the sisters in their ward with us and it was a really powerful lesson! The Spirit was so strong and the daughter accepted a baptismal date!! And they both came to church yesterday. They came to our ward because it was earlier (I mean really they just wanted to hear me speak haha..not) They stayed all three hours and we showed them baptismal font and S was really excited!! This transfer was just a huge testimony builder to me that when we work hard, there will always be blessings. Even though she isn't in ward, its okay because Sister B and I worked sooo hard this transfer and we know that we were lead by the Spirit to find them. It was just by simply saying "hi" and talking to everyone that we see. My testimony has grown so much from this wonderful experience and I know that Heavenly Father truly looks out for His children.
On Saturday, we got to go to a wedding and baptism in P because it was a family that Sister B had taught for seven months in her last area. So the couple got married in the chapel and then there was a reception afterwards (that was interesting to be there as a missionary haha) and then the couple and the groom's eight year old son were all baptized. I LOVE going to baptisms for families. It is just so special being able to witness that miracle and knowing that they will be sealed in the temple next year! It was a really great day!!
I gave a talk yesterday in Sacrament meeting on sacrifice. I said that how at first coming on a mission was a sacrifice of everything but how it turns into a huge blessing and privilege! I talked about how much mom had to sacrifice to join the church and later serve a mission. I had a few people tell me how impressed they were with her story and then I just bragged about how legit she is.
I am staying in Lone Tree for another transfer. I will be with Sister Harrop (like Hair up)and I am super excited because we came out together and are already friends and she is too cute! I just keep getting blessed with wonderful companions, its kind of awesome :) It will be great to stay in this area for another six weeks and watch these people progress. We are still teaching J and hoping that he received his answer and will get baptized. Pray for him! The mission is great, I am great, God is good! What more could I ask for? :) I love you. I miss you. Some mail would be nice...just saying!
You know you love me...XOXO, (only true GG fans will get this...)
Sister Peterson

Monday, July 21, 2014

God Is Good

Hola everyone, how is the family reunion going? I love all of the pictures that you have sent me so keep them coming! I am even more obsessed with Leah then I already was..haha uh oh! Ami-don't forget to show her pictures of me and tell her who I am!
We've been reading a chapter day from the Book of Mormon with J. He has dyslexia so if he reads it on his own, he doesn't understand very much. We've already read a few chapters with him but he gets easily distracted so we are thinking about just going over the lessons with him. He said that he has gone through a few sets of missionaries and that we do a better job then the "boys"....haha sister pride! We aren't teaching the one lady anymore because she read some anti literature and does not want us coming by. I know that as missionary we plant a lot of seeds and that was really hard for me to accept at first but I know that its all in the Lord's timing and way. I definitely had to humble myself to be okay with that but I know that a lot of seeds have been planted and that we never know when will bloom.
Ready for a hilarious story? Yesterday when we were out tracting we ran into R! Remember him? The ice cream guy? He pulls over to talk to us and gives us free Popsicles (tender mercy)! He said that he read a little bit of the BofM and we invited him to be baptized and he said maybe. Oh, R gotta love him! We asked him to take a picture for us and he had NO IDEA how to work a digital camera. First off, he had the camera facing him and was sticking his eye into the lens wondering how he looked through it. He was this close to taking a selfie really close to his face. Hahahah probably the best thing that's ever happened.
Transfers are next Tuesday-I can hardly believe how fast the past six weeks have flown by. And then Sister Bjarnason is leaving me :( Who does that? haha. I am so grateful for the time that we've been able to have together. She is one heck of a missionary and I learned a lot from her example and spunk! Oh yeah, so earlier this morning we moved in with another family in the ward for the next week because the people we live with are having a huge family reunion at their house and they needed the space.
I love being on a mission. It has changed my life for the better. I am better because of this gospel. I am better because of the Atonement and I am better because of my Savior, Jesus Christ. And who doesn't want to be better? ;) But seriously, I have learned and grown so much and wouldn't trade that for anything. Please allow the gospel to change you and allow it to change those around you. Don't be afraid when change comes but embrace it and Heavenly Father will never lead you astray.
You all mean so much to me and have helped shape me into the woman I am today so thank you. Love and miss you!!
Sister Peterson

Monday, July 14, 2014

Eleven months!

HEY family!! What's new? Hope you're all having fun in St. George. Don't forget to take the cardboard cutout of me with you everywhere!
My week was pretty great because we are teaching three new people which is really good for this area sooo that's pretty awesome. We're teaching this guy named J. that Sister B met when they were helping a lady move last transfer. We're also teaching an Indian women named D. who has a lot of questions about where we go when we die. And a lady named C., she was a media referral from the MTC so we met with her on Saturday. She had an LDS guy that she worked with that asked her to meet with the missionaries right before he moved. We taught her the restoration and she seemed to be really interested, she listened really intently and asked a lot of great questions. We are praying for miracles and we have faith that things will work out according to the Lord's will.
So remember that investigator I told you about last week, B.? Yeah, well that's a crazy long story but basically we aren't teaching him anymore for a few reasons. Its a really sad situation he's in but planted the seeds and he has a BofM so we just pray that he will feel God's love and ya never know what could happen down the road.
We had interviews with President Rehm on Friday! I just love them so much. Its so nice to have those "mission parents" while I'm away from my wonderful parents. Sister Rehm is a crack up, she is so funny! And we totally bonded over the fact that we're from PA, nbd :P
We've had a lot of neat experiences this week with talking to everyone. I know that as we talk with everyone about the gospel that Heavenly Father opens up so many doors :) I have changed so much in the eleven months that I have been on a mission and I wouldn't trade that for anything. I have learned and grown so much and am so thankful for this time that I have to serve the Lord :)
Happy birthday on Friday, Brittle boo!!!! LOVE YOU SUGA! :)
Activity Day Girls! Thank you so much for your cute letter. It made my day and made me laugh, it was so presh! No worries, I am keeping the commandments AND reading lots of verses ;) hahah
You're all so great and I love you all so much! I am so grateful that we are a forever family :) Share the gospel with someone so that they can have a forever family too!!
Peace and Love,
Sister Peterson

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Free Slurpee Day 7/11

Monday, July 7, 2014

Don't Give Up!

 Well... this week was awesome!!
I met my new mission president and his wife on Wednesday and they are so awesome!! I love them so much already. I can tell that they really know how to work with the younger crowd. His wife is divalicious and I told her that she could borrow my necklace that I was wearing because she loved it. We're pretty much bffs already haha. They are just great and I know that they are truly inspired! We have interviews with him on Thursday and I am so excited to get to know them better. He asked us to read our patriarchal blessings and ponder on what spiritual gifts the Lord has blessed us with. I thought that was neat especially since dad told me to read my blessing in his email to me today. So inspired!
On fourth of July we went to the park where everyone was to watch fireworks and we just went up to people and talked to them about the gospel. It was so much fun because there were people everywhere so it was pretty much like a missionarie's jackpot haha.
We have a new investigator!! His name is B. and he has quite the story. So, we were at the library on Thursday doing time and its crazy because we weren't even going to go to the library that day and we also flipped our chairs around to face the people. Sister B said that she kept seeing this guy walking past us and he was looking in the religious section so we were wondering if he was looking for something. So Sister B went up to him and told him that she felt prompted to give him a copy of the Book of Mormon and she told us that our card with our number was in there and to call if he has any questions. Ya know the usual that we tell people. She marked 2nd Nephi 31 for him to read. So we leave and a few hours later we have a missed call and a text from a random number so we ask who it is and he said "you gave me your card at the library" and we just start busting up dancing in the middle of someone's driveway, we were so happy. Okay so this NEVER happens. We always give people our number just incase but no one ever calls us...until now. Can you say miracle or what? So he tells us that he read from the book and that he wants to talk about it sometime. So we met up with him at the library yesterday and taught him the restoration. He liked what we had to say and wants to meet with us again this week. Its crazy because he told us that the last six months of his life have been really hard. He's homeless so he sleeps in his car and doesn't have anyone. His brother and dad are in jail and he doesn't talk to anyone in his family. He literally feels alone but he knows that God is there. But now he has us and the gospel!! As we told him that he has a loving Heavenly Father, you could just see him light up with that precious knowledge. It was cool to see the Spirit work within him. We also had him come to dinner at the bishop's house last night so he now knows them and their son just came home from his mission so they will be bffs haha.
We saw so many miracles this week-big and small and its at times like those that I am very away of my Father in Heaven and how much love He has for us and for all of His children. I am so lucky to be a missionary at this time. As we have been talking with everyone we meet, I notice that I am happier and my testimony grows a ton.
Have fun at the family reunion and try not to miss me too much ;) Have a safe and happy week and please share the gospel with someone. Whether it is by your example or handing out a Book of Mormon, we are all missionaries and can do our part in many different ways! Love and miss you :)
Sister Peterson

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