Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 15 (aka Gobble Gobble Y'All)

Hey family! 
Tis the season to be fat... #stretchypants. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is on Thursday. Where does the time go?! And more importantly: baby girl, Leah is turning ONE!!! Give her lots of kisses and squishes from me!
My week has been fantastic. As you know, I got my baby on Wednesday! Her name is Sister Ercanbrack from Roosevelt, Utah and is 21. I've been taking her around to meet members in the ward so we have been very busy these past few days. We have been challenging the members to think of three things each day that they are grateful for and to write them down or discuss it as a family each night. I always tell people how my mom writes in a journal three things she is thankful for each night and that I am every one of them hahah kidding. But, Sister Ercanbrack and I have been doing that each day and we have already seen the joy that it brings to us. 

We met with A at the car shop to role-play to him because he is letting us practice our lessons on him but we are secretly teaching him at the same time...#missionarytactics. So, on Tuesday, Sister Mangisi and I taught him The Restoration and invited him to be baptized but he said that he couldn't do that because he didn't want to crucify Christ again by being baptized. But! He is letting us come back to teach him The Plan of Salvation so good things are going to come out of this! He is super nice and has been through a lot in his life so we really feel like we can help him out! 

Our "boyfriend" B, is going to call us next week for us to meet and have a real sit down lesson with him which is very exciting! The work is moving forward here in the Springs. We also now have the zone leaders in our ward so the ward is going to try their hardest to keep all of us busy!

Well, family I have to run now. But I just hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love and miss you all!! Just remember how truly blessed we are to have this beautiful gospel so share it with someone this week! What are some things that you are thankful for?
Sister Peterson

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