Sunday, May 10, 2015

Motherhood: God's Gift to All

Meet Adrienne Jo.

She is a daughter, wife, cousin, niece, aunt, sister, convert to the church. Side note: Hearing her conversion story is the coolest. Y'all should ask her about it sometime if you haven't heard it yet. (seriously guys..get on that!) She is also a role model, an inspiration to all but most importantly she is MY mother. I can't imagine my life without her. As I've grown up, I've realized how much she truly means to me and how much she has done for me and how much she has sacrificed for me throughout my life. She's basically the coolest person ever and if you don't know her, you probably should. She's loyal, caring, trustworthy and fierce (she passed that one onto me ) She inspired me to serve a mission because she set that example by serving one herself. I remember asking her one day before I left on my mission why she decided to serve. At the time she had been a convert to the church for less than two years. Can you even begin to imagine what that would have been like?! She told me that when she had daughters of her own (little did she know that she would have SIX!) and they asked her why she did or didn't serve a mission when she had the opportunity to she wanted to be able to look them in the eyes and tell them that she served a mission because she loves God. She was my biggest support system while I was on my mission. She never missed a single week of emailing me and always spoiled me with letters and packages. I love our mommy daughter dates which mostly... usually... okay let's be real always consisted of Costco runs (trying all the samples.. YOLO. Its a must okay! Hey ma, remember that time you told me to get the strawberries so I was searching high and low for the perfect box of strawberries for you and finally found them but there was only one slight problem... so I made the classic mistake of grabbing the box that was underneath like a million other boxes just to watch the other boxes fall all over the floor and all you did was laugh at me? Real nice. Real classy. And Costco didn't even kick us out guys! What nice people. Let's keep in mind that this was the summer before my mission haha) This woman makes me laugh. All of my friends tell me how hilarious my mom is and its true! Especially on social media.. that woman writes some hilarious posts. Add her on Facebook! You'll see what I mean :) 
I know that no one could have raised (and handled me) as well as my mother has. That's because she is the perfect mom for me. I'll always be your brown eyed baby girl. 
Happy Mother's Day! 
I love you mommy!!  

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