Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mom Duty

Last Sunday I flew to Arizona to help my sister, Ami out with her babies while her husband, Matt was in Dubai with his Master's Program. (um, jealous.) I love going to Arizona to see her and her girls. I also love that weather tho... It was SO nice out when I was there. I definitely got my tan on.. #black.  Mainly we just were on mom duty the whole week. Its tiring let me tell ya! I totally felt like I needed a nap errey day. 

We basically chilled and tired to survive while taking care of a three year old and 9 month old twins. We went to the Zoo on Tuesday and saw all of the cute animals. #animallovers. There were two twin baby lions that were playing together. It was adorable! Leah loved it and rode her first rollercoaster with Ami. She's getting so big! I just like when she loves me... Which was like 87% of the time. You get what you get with that chick. 

Leah and I went swimming twice in their pool and laid out which was needed! What wasn't needed though was when Autumn got sick with the flu.. poor baby :( Then I got sick too... poor me :( But somehow we survived. (Update: Day #4 of the sickness.. I'm not dead yet. So that's always a good sign.)

It was quite the week full of diapers, bottles, crying, happiness, laughs and sickness but I had a good time and I'm glad that I was able to help out Ami and my cute nieces :)

^^My girl Leah greeted me with this adorable sign she made (with my aunts help of course) "Kyra, stop here for kisses!" ...UM yes please. 
                                                            ^^Poolside picnic with Leah. (That hair tho...)

^^Twin Edition