Monday, February 10, 2014

Pueblo Here I Come!!!

So I'm getting transferred to a place down south called Pueblo  I will be on the YSA rescue team so I will travel all over and rescue YSA's. Basically be a superhero ya know... when I find out more, I will let you know. My companion's name is Sister Bush and she came out with Sister Ercanbrack so she just finished the training program. It is a new thing that they have started to do over the past few months and everyone absolutely LOVES Pueblo so I am super excited!! I know that this is my new adventure on the mission and where God wants me to be. Transfers are on Wednesday so for now just send stuff to the mission office address until I find out what my new address will be, thank you! 

My last week in NorthGate was awesome! I am going to miss this ward! There are so many good people here that I have really become close to. But its a blessing to know that I have a place to stay when I come back to visit after the mission (Smiths.. I'm talking to you!!) 

We had a lesson with S on Saturday. He pulled out the baptismal interview questions that we gave him last week and said "I am good with all of these questions except number 2" Which is about the Prophets. He said that he is still praying to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if Thomas S. Monson is our current prophet. But hallelujah it was sooo good to finally narrow it down to one main concern!! We focused on Joseph Smith and his life because S said that he doesn't know much about him. He is going to re-read Joseph's Smith's testimony in this pamphlet we gave him a few months ago. And he understands that if he knows that Joseph Smith is a true prophet then everything will fall into place and we know that he is really wanting to know the truth. He's in good hands now with my little girl so I hope that I can travel back to the Springs for his baptism soon :)

We had dinner with G AND her husband on Saturday night!!! Finally met this mystery guy!! They picked us up from a YSA baptism and took us back to their apartment to make dinner for us.They were trying to give us all this food because they didn't want us to starve ever. They are so charitable! We had a great discussion on missions because her husband didn't know too much about them and he told us that he really appreciates and respects what we do. We were able to teach him that a Prophet of God along with his twelve apostles pray about where all the young people in the world go on their missions. And we told them that we knew we were there to for many reasons and one of them was to meet them. For someone who is "scared" of Mormons he sure was not acting like it. He kept telling G that he wanted us to come back. We know that Heavenly Father really softened his heart. I will have to get the scoop from Sister Ercanbrack on this area to update y'all on what happens next but we know that miracles will occur as long as we are faithfully seeking to do The Lord's work in His way. 

Little miracles! Three less actives who hardly come to church and 2 non-members were at church yesterday! We sat by a lady named M who has been coming to church for six years at 2 o'clock the same time every year. She church hops to different religions every Sunday. She told us that she reads the Book of Mormon and knows that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God but doesn't want to be baptized. She said that she is praying for all the religions to come together in unity and be happy with one another. It was interesting to see her belief but that she didn't want to make that commit to join. She comes every week so I'm hoping that the sisters will try to work with her because she is very prepared!! She just needs to understand the doctrine. We taught Gospel Principles on Eternal Marriage (I know, right? haha) Everyone kept telling us how great of a lesson it was. We couldn't have done it without the Holy Ghost! 

The church is true so share the gospel with someone this week! I love and miss you all!! Thank you for all the love and support that you give me. Can't believe I hit 6 months on Valentines day!! I know you will all secretly will be celebrating with me that day ;)

Sister Peterson 

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