Monday, February 9, 2015

Eighteen Months!

Hey everyone!!

I had a great week. Very very busy which is like basically celestial for missionaries. Also, celestial is a great word. Use it. It will change your life.

C is still planning to get baptized on the twenty first  so we have been seeing her every day and helping her prepare for that. She has cut down a ton on smoking! She told us yesterday that she was fasting (her choice, we didn't tell her to) to help her to quit smoking. Its amazing to see how much faith she has. She's had a really rough life and it just goes to show that the gospel is really for EVERYONE and that the gospel does change lives. Miracle! A said that she wants to get baptized with her mom now! We were like kind of shocked when she told us because lately she has been pulling back from the church but she's really started to realize that the gospel makes you the happiest that you can be. Still waiting on T to see what he decides to do but we think that he will be baptized too! The gospel is all about the family so why not make it a family day?! They really are so great and I am so blessed to have met them.

Saturday is my eighteen month mark and something else is that day too but I can't seem to remember it right now.. oh well! I can't even believe that I am hitting eighteen months!! It almost feels surreal. I have been reflecting on my mission lately and thinking about everything that I have done. I know that I am a better person, disciple of Christ, missionary because of all of the experiences that I've had. Its been an amazing ride and I am glad that I still have time! Its been busyyyy with the member lessons and we got twenty one 45 minute preach my gospel lessons this week! (the goal is twenty other lessons each week and we finally accomplished that goal! plus one!) WINNING. And our zone leaders in zone training on Friday might have asked us how for tips for the other missionaries to learn from. That's what's up! The mission is great. Life is good.

Y'all are great! Keep the faith and help someone out in need this week! Sorry there are no pictures. I have been slacking with taking them lately:(

Sister Peterson

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