Monday, April 21, 2014

8 Months!!!!

Ahh can I just say that I love that mom, dad, Hailey and Jenna went to the temple to do work together! That makes me so happy!! I am so excited to go through the temple for grandma next month :) :)

This week was great! Tuesday was a really neat day. Sister Clawson and I were going around visiting the ysa on our list trying to clean up the records (basically what we do all day errey day) and finding out that a lot of the ysa have moved. Of course we don't pass up any opportunity to talk to anyone so we were able to talk with everyone on that street, love me some good weather! We gave out three copies of the Book of Mormon in about thirty minutes. We really were blessed to see many miracles that day because we were willing to open our mouths and share the Gospel. I want to share a really cool experience, so we met a really cool older mountain man named B who was really excited to read the Book of Mormon. He kept talking about how much he loves Mitt Romney and always wondered "what the Mormons believe in" Well, B 
we are happy to tell you! He's way cool so we are planning on going back to see him soon. I gave him 3rd Nephi 11 to read when Christ came to the Americas and read some verses with him on his front porch. Its just so amazing to meet just really awesome people that are willing to learn more. We had just met him but we already loved him because sharing the Gospel with him brought us so much happiness. 
So cool!! I just started talking to a guy next to me at the computer and we got to talking and I found out that he grew up in the church and is a YSA! Sister Bush and I actually ran into him last transfer back in February when we were going to visit someone in his apartment complex. He was just pulling out of the parking lot and talked to us a little bit before we drove off. He remembered me and told me and the other elders that are here too that we can come back and talk to him more. We gave him a BofM and he said that he would read and pray about it because he never did that before. That just strengthened my testimony of talking to EVERYONE because you really do never know what could come of it! 

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell y'all last week but you NEED to listen to "Life is like a football game" by Troy Dunn. He's basically like a John Bytheway speaker and its soooo good and hilarious. Look it up!! 
Random but hilarious: An 80 year old woman whom I love wore a red and black boa to church yesterday. Oh that's just Pueblo for ya...
I am doing well and loving my mission!! Have a happy Easter Sunday and remember what its all about! I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ that has helped to heal me through the power of the Atonement. We should all remember what he did for us and what he continues to do for us each day. I love you and miss you all so much! Have a safe week and share the Gospel with someone :) 

Sister Peterson

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