Monday, April 7, 2014

Charity Never Faileth

What a wonderful weekend! General Conference always gives me that boost that I really need. I loved everything that was said. Its always cool to pick out the main themes in each of the talks and I noticed that a lot of the talks had to do with loving people! It may seem like a small thing or "yeah, yeah I do that" but its so much more then just saying you love someone. As President Uchtdorf has put it "In family relationships love is really spelled t-i-m-e, time." That can go for any relationship and any person. If we truly understand how much our Heavenly Father and the Savior loves us then we will want to be better for them and we will want to love them by giving them our time. 
Okay so I obviously loved M. Russell Ballard's challenge for everyone to obtain a copy of Preach My Gospel and to study it with your missionary which is me, lucky you :) I thought that was the coolest thing. I already told Mom and Lauren to start to study Chapter 6: Christlike Attributes because we can always be working on developing them. And once we start to we will naturally want to share the gospel with others around us because we start to love them as we see them through God's eyes. I know that we can't fully comprehend how much they love us and those around us but that as we try to be more like Christ, that we can tap into that love just a little bit. 
This week was cool because we met a ton of less active ysa that the sisters who opened this area 8 months ago had never even met. Its just good to let them know that "hey, I'm here and I care about you." So we just invited them to all of the activities that we have going on during the week and got their contact information. Our prayers were answered in a few ways last week. A few people called and texted us because they were going through hard times and they just wanted a visit from the sister missionaries. Those times really humble me knowing that I CAN make a difference in someone's life and that we are all here to strengthen and uplift and that "charity never faileth". 
A's birthday was on Wednesday so we surprised her at work only to find out that she got the night off but we did get to meet her sister! Her sister actually called A for us and A said that we could go over to her mom's house that she just moved back into a little while ago. So we went over there and pretty much met the whole family! Her devout Catholic great grandma asked if I was religious and I said "Oh yes I am!!" and then she told me to pray for her, it was funny. They were pretty nice to us but the whole thing was pretty funny because they don't really know that A has been meeting with us. She told her brother and one of her sisters a few weeks ago which was huge!! Right now she is just trying to pray to see what day she wants to be baptized. She said that she likes the month of April and wants her friend (who introduced us to her who is leaving for his mission at the end of the month) to baptize her. So it is going to happen soon!! Sadly she wasn't able to come to Conference because she works all day Saturdays and Sunday she was at the hospital with her great grandma and the library. We will just have o watch it with her then :) I'm totally fine with that! 
I know this church is true! And you do too, so go share it with someone this week :) And like Elder Ballard taught us, I will follow-up with that!! haha. I love and miss y'all so much!! Stay strong!
Oh yeah so we are moving in with the Peterson's (oddly enough) on the 16th of this month so my new address will be:
2 Portmarnock Pl
Pueblo, CO 81001

Sister Peterson 
On the "red carpet" for fhe! We were the hostesses so we got roses! 

We pranked the zone leaders for April fools day. We blocked their truck in and wrote "Just Married" on the back with window marker haha

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