Monday, March 10, 2014

7 months!!!

I just gotta say.. Daylight Savings is not a missionary's friend. I'm already really missing that one extra hour.... but in other news ROB GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! That is so amazing!! (Rob is Kyra's best friends Dad who lives in PA) I am so happy for him and their family (which is my family!) I loved the pictures of everyone and of course the pictures of Nicki on skype! I was there in spirit! Couldn't you tell?! Everyone looked so happy! It was so wonderful to see :) I love seeing the gospel change lives! If I could ask Rob to type up his conversion story and send it to me, I would love that :)
Another busy week in Peubs.... 

A is doing great!! We met with her on Saturday and Sunday and are seeing her again on Tuesday. We are trying to have daily contact with her because we see how hard Satan is working when someone is doing a good thing. He really is giving us a run for our money, dang him! It was hard though because she didn't come to church on Sunday so we might have to push her date back again and then it wouldn't be until April. I know Nicki talked about this in her letter this week. She said that its all within the Lord's timing and we have to humble ourselves and accept it. I know that A is ready and when it happens it will be an amazing experience for all of us. It will happen just in His way and timing. We have no doubt about that!

The other day when we were stopping by to try to meet a less active ysa, there were two older people outside smoking on their porch so we walked over and started talking to them. We found out that the older guy, C was a member! He said that he wanted to go to church and that he had a Book of Mormon that he reads (he didn't know where it was so we gave him a new one). The ladies name was K and she said that she would be baptized! We've met with K and C twice already but the sad thing is that they live in a group home so we aren't sure if she was just having a "good day" because when we went over on Saturday she was saying random things and laughing at them so who knows what will happen. They are so awesome though! They call me Miss Colorado and Sister Bush is President because of President Bush, hahah. They crack us up! I've already been called that and Covergirl and I'm like "Man, I just LOVE Pueblo!"

Sister Bush and I taught a ton of lessons, invited everyone we saw to be baptized and shared our testimonies every second of every day. Working hard and seeing success! 

This week we thought a lot about our relationship with our Father in Heaven and how we can help those around us better theirs. How can that be done? How can we make it stronger? What can sometimes hold us back from having a better relationship with Him? We considered all these questions throughout the week. Something we thought of was prayer. We need to remember to pray to our Heavenly Father every chance we get and to always have a prayer in our hearts as we go about our day. I know that the power of prayer is real and that if we communicate with our Father, that He will bless us beyond imagination. You can't really have a solid relationship with someone if you don't talk to them or care to talk to them. And its the same with Heavenly Father. If we aren't communicating with Him through the blessing we have of prayer, then we aren't trying to better our relationship with Him. He wants to hear from us! We are His children and He loves us! More than we will ever know. I have seen the reality of the power of prayer work in my life and especially since being on a mission. If we humble ourselves and talk with Him, we can see those miracles in our lives. 
10 ysa at fhe and institute last week (I've started writing it down so we know who comes and who we need to visit more)
Oh! You have to watch the new Mormon message! It is soo good! Its a must see! 

I just love being a sister missionary! It is the greatest calling in the world! I love and miss you all! Talk to you next week :)
Sister Peterson

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