Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's Always A Good Time


How was your week? Is baby Leah walking or talking yet? It must be hard for her missing her favorite auntie and all :) This week flew by and I always wonder where does the time go and how in the world is it already March!?! Still going on mini road trips around the stake trying to meet or touch base with as many ysa as we can. We are so close to getting a mini branch started here, we can feel it!
Remember A I told you about last week? Well, she has a baptism date!!! It was for March 15th but since she was sick yesterday and couldn't come to church it will have to be on the 16th now. She's already been to church once so she has to come two more times. Sister Bush and I are so excited!! A is so great and is so ready to hear and receive the gospel. After we taught her the Plan of Salvation she says to us "I want to be in the celestial kingdom with you all sitting around a table as friends" and we were just like "YES! We want that too!" Its been so neat to see how everything makes sense to her. She wants to go to General Conference and meet President Monson. She kept wanting to talk about prophets and what they do, she thought it was the coolest thing! She read Joseph Smith's testimony and really liked it. Why is she so great! I know that Heavenly Father does prepare His children to hear the gospel and that things will start to sound familiar to them just like what you said mom when you heard the missionaries talk. You were a solid investigator, if only more people were like you! haha. No one is as great though :)
We have a new ysa investigator named P! We tr-acted into him and are going back for our appointment on Thursday!

There were 15 young single adults at institute on Thursday (not including us!). Its a miracle because 7 months ago there were only 3 ysa coming and they almost shut it down.

Two less actives that we have been working with came to church on Sunday! There names are B and T and they are two of the regular ysa that we have lessons with once a week. Its awesome to witness faith and desired grow in people and how you really can make a difference in someone's life! Like it says in Preach My Gospel, as missionaries we have a front row seat to witness the greatest miracles of all: to see the Atonement of Jesus Christ take full effect in others lives. I got the best seat in the house hahah. And you can too! We all can witness those every day miracles as we strive to live our life's in a way that our Father in Heaven has asked us too. Sharing your testimony doesn't always mean that we get up and say "I want to bear my testimony" but it can mean that we share our testimony by talking about the simple truths of the Gospel like "I went to church on Sunday" when someone asks you how your weekend was. I know that its talked a lot about in the book "The power every day missionary work" which I've mentioned before because I have heard nothing but great things about it. And I know that to be true, that we can bear our testimonies in the most simple yet powerful ways and it is by our example that its usually noticed. 

Well, time to run! Thank you for all the support and love that you all give me. I love y'all so much. Miss you tons!!! The pictures are from this scenic outlook called "Liberty Pointe".
Quote of the week:
"When my dad became first counselor, I knew that I am going to grow up to be a counselor too."
-little boy bearing his testimony in Sacrament meeting yesterday
Have a fabulous week! Remember to share the Gospel with someone!
Sister Peterson

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