Monday, March 24, 2014

The Call That Changed My Life....

...just kidding. But not really. So the assistants to the president called us last Tuesday and started out by saying "do you have room in your apartment?" "....yes?" some whispering went on... "Good cause you're going to be in a trio." So we now have a new companion! And she's awesome! Her name is Sister Clawson, 19 and from Provo, Utah. She just came back out on her mission because she got sick after only being out for a month but now she's back. I am going to finish training her so she's like my "step daughter" I am so honored and excited to have the opportunity to train again and for my mission family line to grow! Sister Clawson and I will stay in Pueblo and Sister Bush is headed to the Springs. I will miss her terribly but am so grateful for the friendship that we have!!
Sad news! A didn't get baptized yesterday :( She said that there are a few things that she is still working on plus she still needs to tell her family. Its super frustrating when you see someone who recognizes that the gospel makes them happy but won't take that leap of faith. I love her so much though and know that she will get there eventually and I won't give up on her. So she might get baptized on April 6th or 13th. Its kind of up in the air right now but I have no doubt that it will happen!! Its all in God's timing anyways, right?
K and C are still awesome! We go over to visit them every now and then. We pray and read scriptures when we are there. Funny story about that actually. So we had asked the ward mission leader's wife to pick them up for church yesterday since we were going to a different ward to be with A. We called him after church to find out if they went and he asked us if K went with C (another lady who lives in the home) and we were like nooo.... Apparently this other girl who lives there named C got confused on what church she was going to and stormed out of sacrament meeting demanding to go home. So that's awkward...

I know that the church is true with all my heart. I know that Heavenly Father looks out for us and puts people in our lives to help us along the path. Its not easy by any means but by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our burdens can be made lighter. 
MAAAA! I am so proud of you for inviting that lady to talk to the missionaries. You are so great!! That deserves an ata girl haha! I love and miss you all!! Talk to you next week :)

Sister Peterson

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