Monday, March 31, 2014

The Month of March Was In Like A Lion and Out Like A Lamb

This subject is for you, mom. Mostly because I have absolutely no idea what that means hahaha.

What a week! Lots of interesting things have happened! That's good ole Puebs for ya. 
Last week for family home evening we split into two groups and went to visit some less actives. Its awesome tko see the young single adults get involved because they want a branch just as much as we do! Oh that is going to be a happy day! 

Transfers were Wednesday so I said goodbye to Sister Bush :( It was sad but I pray that we will be companions again! Transfer meeting was awesome though because I was able to see all of my missionary friends that I have made so it was like a mini reunion!

Sister Clawson and I were able to be detectives (some call us the FBI, sh!) this week. We have lists of the ysa in all of the wards so we pick a ward to work on each day and go out to meet as many people as we can. We were able to find out a lot about the people that we stopped by to see. Some had moved, some hated us (we got kicked out of a house.. that was awkward) and some were really happy to see us (love those people) kidding.. we love everyone :) I love being on the ysa rescue team because it is basically the most legit calling ever. Its so important that we go back to find that ONE person every time. 

I loved the Relief Society Broadcast! If you haven't seen it, you should watch it :) and take notes, notes are always a good thing. I loved that the speakers really empathized making those sacred covenants with God.I remember that they talked about that in October as well. Its cool to see how all of their talks tied in that way. I know that its so important that we make the temple our ultimate goal. 

Something that Sister Clawson and I have been talking a lot about this week is found in John 4: 8 & 11. Those verses talk about how "God is love" and that we "ought to love one another". That is something that is rare to find in the world today. The natural selfish man takes over and doesn't want to care about anyone but "number one". Its sad to see the world heading downhill in that direction but on the other hand, its comforting to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ never leave us and that they are ready and willing to help us with out shortcomings (Ether 12:27). I want to challenge you to think of some ways that you can put off "the natural man" and be more like Christ. I can promise that you will find greater peace and happiness in your life as you do this. 

Life on the mission is good! I am so exhausted but so happy at the same time. Still haven't been able to figure out how that works but the Lord sure is blessing me with extra energy! If you can imagine that family ;)
I love you and miss you! Y'all are the best!! Thank you for your prayers and support. It means everything :)

Sister Peterson

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