Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Let another fabulous week begin

Hey family!! Just another fabulous week in my life as a sister missionary! It's really the life.

Yesterday for Memorial day we helped a lady plan for her son's wedding reception that will be at her home. It's cool because I want to see if the event planning life is the life for me. I am liking it a lot but maybe not so much the wedding events. Don't want to deal with any bridezillas ya dig? The elders were also working in the yard while we were being such women talking about weddings haha #typical. Then we went to a bbq at the William's (our "mission parents") house where there was food, football and fun! Totally schooled the elders in football, nbd. You taught me well, dad! I am trying to ignore the soreness as I type...
A. is getting baptized on Saturday!!! That girl is so solid and we are way excited for her! So we are just going to be seeing her as much as we can and making plans for her special day :)
As you know and everyone knows since I talk about it every five seconds.. I am GOING TO THE TEMPLE ON THURSDAY! Clearly I am stoked. I have been praying and thinking a lot about Gma this past week before I go and just hoping that she is just as excited as I am. It's going to be a wonderful day so think of her and me that day!!
Found a few new investigators and had a really great conversation with a family outside on their porch the other day. I know that as we have the Spirit with us and that we are bold, that we can't go wrong! When we bare a sincere and honest testimony, people can't argue with that. So be bold and remember it's the truth so don't be afraid to share your testimony. When you write me back, tell me about the experiences that you've had with bearing your testimony! Doooo itttt! 

Am. received her temple recommend on Sunday and we are going to the family history center on Saturday to find her a family name to take. We are hoping to go to the temple with her sometime next week!
Zone conference was so insightful last week. Sister Clawson and I also won the celestial award for the cleanest car also, not a big deal! ;) haha.Check out these totally rad pictures from zone conference....

Totes presh! I'm their fave :)

I love you, I miss you, you are the best!! Stay safe and keep being the bombdiggity. 
Sister Peterson

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