Monday, May 19, 2014

The Good Life!

Hey famjam!

It's been another great week here in good ole Puebs! I never want to leave, it's so awesome here!

A. has a date to be baptized on May 31st and is super ready!
We are currently working on finding family names for Am. to take to the temple soon! She is so excited and wants to go as soon as possible. We found out that her grandma who was a member married a non-member so there is work to be done there! How cool would that be if Am. could go in a year to seal her grandparents together?! Ah, it's so amazing :)
There's some drama going on with S. so we're not sure what is going to happen with him as of now. Poor guy :( 

We did a ton of service this week, it was so awesome! On Thursday we went to the food bank to put together boxes of food for people that don't have much. A member introduced us to a couple there named R. and T. She later came over to us and said "I had just met them but felt like I needed to introduce them to you. I was so scared but I just followed the spirit!" We swapped numbers and are hoping to go over soon to help them around the house. Its really neat to see members following the spirit and talking to others about the gospel. Like I have said before, I have really gained a testimony of member missionary work. It really does have the most success!
I can't wait to go to the temple on the 29th! I got the itinerary in the mail the other day. I am so excited! 

Y'all rock! Stay strong in the gospel!!
Sister Peterson

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