Monday, May 12, 2014

9 Months....Say What?!

It was so good to see you all yesterday! Y'all are looking good in my neighborhood haha ;) It made my life to be able to talk and hear how good everyone is doing. I can't believe how big baby Leah is getting!! It's unreal! Her singing (screaming) "let it go" was hilarious haha. 

A. came up to us at family home evening last week and said "Guess what? I have decided to be baptized" WOOHOOO!!! SO exciting!!! So we are looking at her baptism in two weeks. She is having some family drama but she notices how happy the gospel makes her. Its so neat to see how happiness can lead people to finding the truth. Especially working with the young single adults where they start to go their own way in life and don't know what will really make them happy in life, its good to see them find that true happiness that the gospel provides. It happened with Amber and its happening with A. and S. now! 

Am. was confirmed yesterday and it was so special. When she sat down I asked her how she felt and she had the biggest smile on her face. Last night she texted us and asked when we could go to the temple together. She is so excited to go to the temple, it is so cute!! 

So I am going on my temple jubilee on may 29th!! I am so pumped to go to the Denver

I love you and I miss you!!! Can't believe its been 9 months already. It is going by so fast for me and it just makes me want to soak it up that much more!! I love being a missionary and helping people find their way back to the church or just find it for the first time. It truly has been the best experience of my life and I know that true happiness is and can be found in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Stay safe and share the gospel!!

Sister Peterson 

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