Monday, July 7, 2014

Don't Give Up!

 Well... this week was awesome!!
I met my new mission president and his wife on Wednesday and they are so awesome!! I love them so much already. I can tell that they really know how to work with the younger crowd. His wife is divalicious and I told her that she could borrow my necklace that I was wearing because she loved it. We're pretty much bffs already haha. They are just great and I know that they are truly inspired! We have interviews with him on Thursday and I am so excited to get to know them better. He asked us to read our patriarchal blessings and ponder on what spiritual gifts the Lord has blessed us with. I thought that was neat especially since dad told me to read my blessing in his email to me today. So inspired!
On fourth of July we went to the park where everyone was to watch fireworks and we just went up to people and talked to them about the gospel. It was so much fun because there were people everywhere so it was pretty much like a missionarie's jackpot haha.
We have a new investigator!! His name is B. and he has quite the story. So, we were at the library on Thursday doing time and its crazy because we weren't even going to go to the library that day and we also flipped our chairs around to face the people. Sister B said that she kept seeing this guy walking past us and he was looking in the religious section so we were wondering if he was looking for something. So Sister B went up to him and told him that she felt prompted to give him a copy of the Book of Mormon and she told us that our card with our number was in there and to call if he has any questions. Ya know the usual that we tell people. She marked 2nd Nephi 31 for him to read. So we leave and a few hours later we have a missed call and a text from a random number so we ask who it is and he said "you gave me your card at the library" and we just start busting up dancing in the middle of someone's driveway, we were so happy. Okay so this NEVER happens. We always give people our number just incase but no one ever calls us...until now. Can you say miracle or what? So he tells us that he read from the book and that he wants to talk about it sometime. So we met up with him at the library yesterday and taught him the restoration. He liked what we had to say and wants to meet with us again this week. Its crazy because he told us that the last six months of his life have been really hard. He's homeless so he sleeps in his car and doesn't have anyone. His brother and dad are in jail and he doesn't talk to anyone in his family. He literally feels alone but he knows that God is there. But now he has us and the gospel!! As we told him that he has a loving Heavenly Father, you could just see him light up with that precious knowledge. It was cool to see the Spirit work within him. We also had him come to dinner at the bishop's house last night so he now knows them and their son just came home from his mission so they will be bffs haha.
We saw so many miracles this week-big and small and its at times like those that I am very away of my Father in Heaven and how much love He has for us and for all of His children. I am so lucky to be a missionary at this time. As we have been talking with everyone we meet, I notice that I am happier and my testimony grows a ton.
Have fun at the family reunion and try not to miss me too much ;) Have a safe and happy week and please share the gospel with someone. Whether it is by your example or handing out a Book of Mormon, we are all missionaries and can do our part in many different ways! Love and miss you :)
Sister Peterson

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