Monday, July 14, 2014

Eleven months!

HEY family!! What's new? Hope you're all having fun in St. George. Don't forget to take the cardboard cutout of me with you everywhere!
My week was pretty great because we are teaching three new people which is really good for this area sooo that's pretty awesome. We're teaching this guy named J. that Sister B met when they were helping a lady move last transfer. We're also teaching an Indian women named D. who has a lot of questions about where we go when we die. And a lady named C., she was a media referral from the MTC so we met with her on Saturday. She had an LDS guy that she worked with that asked her to meet with the missionaries right before he moved. We taught her the restoration and she seemed to be really interested, she listened really intently and asked a lot of great questions. We are praying for miracles and we have faith that things will work out according to the Lord's will.
So remember that investigator I told you about last week, B.? Yeah, well that's a crazy long story but basically we aren't teaching him anymore for a few reasons. Its a really sad situation he's in but planted the seeds and he has a BofM so we just pray that he will feel God's love and ya never know what could happen down the road.
We had interviews with President Rehm on Friday! I just love them so much. Its so nice to have those "mission parents" while I'm away from my wonderful parents. Sister Rehm is a crack up, she is so funny! And we totally bonded over the fact that we're from PA, nbd :P
We've had a lot of neat experiences this week with talking to everyone. I know that as we talk with everyone about the gospel that Heavenly Father opens up so many doors :) I have changed so much in the eleven months that I have been on a mission and I wouldn't trade that for anything. I have learned and grown so much and am so thankful for this time that I have to serve the Lord :)
Happy birthday on Friday, Brittle boo!!!! LOVE YOU SUGA! :)
Activity Day Girls! Thank you so much for your cute letter. It made my day and made me laugh, it was so presh! No worries, I am keeping the commandments AND reading lots of verses ;) hahah
You're all so great and I love you all so much! I am so grateful that we are a forever family :) Share the gospel with someone so that they can have a forever family too!!
Peace and Love,
Sister Peterson

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