Monday, July 21, 2014

God Is Good

Hola everyone, how is the family reunion going? I love all of the pictures that you have sent me so keep them coming! I am even more obsessed with Leah then I already was..haha uh oh! Ami-don't forget to show her pictures of me and tell her who I am!
We've been reading a chapter day from the Book of Mormon with J. He has dyslexia so if he reads it on his own, he doesn't understand very much. We've already read a few chapters with him but he gets easily distracted so we are thinking about just going over the lessons with him. He said that he has gone through a few sets of missionaries and that we do a better job then the "boys"....haha sister pride! We aren't teaching the one lady anymore because she read some anti literature and does not want us coming by. I know that as missionary we plant a lot of seeds and that was really hard for me to accept at first but I know that its all in the Lord's timing and way. I definitely had to humble myself to be okay with that but I know that a lot of seeds have been planted and that we never know when will bloom.
Ready for a hilarious story? Yesterday when we were out tracting we ran into R! Remember him? The ice cream guy? He pulls over to talk to us and gives us free Popsicles (tender mercy)! He said that he read a little bit of the BofM and we invited him to be baptized and he said maybe. Oh, R gotta love him! We asked him to take a picture for us and he had NO IDEA how to work a digital camera. First off, he had the camera facing him and was sticking his eye into the lens wondering how he looked through it. He was this close to taking a selfie really close to his face. Hahahah probably the best thing that's ever happened.
Transfers are next Tuesday-I can hardly believe how fast the past six weeks have flown by. And then Sister Bjarnason is leaving me :( Who does that? haha. I am so grateful for the time that we've been able to have together. She is one heck of a missionary and I learned a lot from her example and spunk! Oh yeah, so earlier this morning we moved in with another family in the ward for the next week because the people we live with are having a huge family reunion at their house and they needed the space.
I love being on a mission. It has changed my life for the better. I am better because of this gospel. I am better because of the Atonement and I am better because of my Savior, Jesus Christ. And who doesn't want to be better? ;) But seriously, I have learned and grown so much and wouldn't trade that for anything. Please allow the gospel to change you and allow it to change those around you. Don't be afraid when change comes but embrace it and Heavenly Father will never lead you astray.
You all mean so much to me and have helped shape me into the woman I am today so thank you. Love and miss you!!
Sister Peterson

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