Monday, August 25, 2014

I Scream, You Scream, We ALL Scream for Ice Cream!

So really random story... we were tracting a neighborhood and Sister Harrop was like "did you hear that? some bird just fell from the sky and hit the ground". So we walked over and in the middle of the street was a bird just laying there with one of its wings tucked under it and there were feathers everywhere and it was so sad!!!! So I was like oh heck no we have to save this bird!! So we went back to our favorite door that we knocked on and we told this guy what happened and he's like "I'll go get my shovel and trash can and just put it out of its misery and I was like "uhmmm...I just meant to pick it up and let it fly away or something..." Awkward. So he grabbed his killing tools and we showed him where the bird was and he was really sad to do it and we were like "wait until we drive away to do it." So we got in our car and drove away and Sister Harrop looked back and saw that he had bent down and we like screamed... it was so sad!!! But it was like the weirdest thing ever. So, now we can go back to visit that guy with cookies or something to thank him and start teaching him and he'll get baptized. BOOM. 

The ward carnival was on Saturday and it was a huge success! Sister Harrop and I decorated our missionary booth complete with a baby moon bounce behind it. You can see it in the pictures! But it was way fun to be able to talk to a bunch of people in the ward and all of the non-members that they brought. Go team Lone Tree! Okay I know that you are all going to be proud of me....Sister Harrop and I were contestants in the ice cream eating contest. One of the members that I'm close with yelled out "Sister Peterson will do it! She loves ice cream!" Challenge accepted. They know me so well. Sad to say that I don't know who won but I'm pretty sure it was me. I downed that thing. Thanks to mom for always providing ice cream over the years. I'm probably a million times heavier because of the contest but hey I still got my pride! They brought out this huge trough of ice cream and filled it full with donut holes, cookies and sprinkles. We had to put our hands behind our backs and eat with our faces!!!! Didn't see that one coming... It was really fun though and totally makes for a great mission story, haha. 

So in our mission, they are focusing on doing the lessons with all children that are eight and preparing for baptism. So last night we met with a family in the ward whose daughter is getting baptized on the 6th. The daughter invited her non-member friend and mom to sit in on the lesson. Golden right? It was a pretty neat experience! We gave them a BofM and the mom was like "let me see that" like right away she was interested in looking at it. She's very interested in learning about different religions so hopefully she will be at the next lesson which is on Wednesday. Member missionary work, its the way to go! Also, we were totally secretly/not so secretly teaching the mom as well #sneakymissionary

Still helping J move/pack her house because now she needs to be out by Saturday. She had a garage sale on Saturday and we went over to help her. There was an LDS family that heard about it and they thought she was LDS and she said "Not yet!" Ohh yeah, J will come around someday soon! She just needs to get through all of this craziness so we can start teaching her. 

Everything is going well! I love what I'm doing and I love who I represent. Even though its the hardest thing ever, its the most rewarding so that keeps me going on those tough days. I love you all so much and miss you all a ton. It makes me happy to hear how well you are all doing.

I think I know why they call it a TESTtimony....because you have to have it tested for it to become stronger. I have seen that more then ever on my mission. Satan really works hard to get us missionaries down and there have been plenty of trials and tests but each time, I come out with a personal conviction of this gospel that cannot be shaken. So, even though its extremely hard, try to become grateful for your trials because Heavenly Father knows what He's doing and He knows what you're capable of. You're all so great so keep it up! 

SHOUT OUT to Laur Laur on her golden birthday tomorrow! Twenty six on the twenty sixth! Enjoy the cruise gurrrrll! :) 

Sister Peterson 

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