Monday, August 11, 2014

The year of a missionary

Hi everyone!! 

Okay confession: I had to pull out the planner for this email because I couldn't remember anything. Sleep deprived? I think so. But it was a really great week! We saw J and should start teaching him again soon. We also did service for J (different J) and hopefully will begin teaching her after all of the craziness of her move settles down.  We had zone conference with another zone last Tuesday. We focused on teaching the lessons to children that will be turning eight soon so that they can know more before they are baptized. We already have appointments set up to teach an eight year old girl in our ward. She is going to be bringing a friend with her when we teach and hopefully her parents will be there as well. 

A girl in our ward gave her mission farewell talk yesterday. I really appreciated that it was a farewell talk rather then a homecoming talk. Can't take those anymore haha. But, her talk was so great and it helped remind me why I am out here serving the Lord. And it also rekindled that flame to work harder and to be better. I know that I am out here for a reason and that there are people that I need to meet.  

With my year mark coming up on Thursday, I have been reflecting back to this past year that I have spent as a missionary. I have seen so much change and growth within myself and I will ever be grateful that I have had this opportunity to serve the Lord thus far. I don't really know who I would be without a mission. It has helped to start to shape me into the person that Heavenly Father knows I can become. I have been able to witness miracles and to walk side by side with my Savior, Jesus Christ and catch just a glimpse of what He had to go through. I know that Jesus Christ went through torment and pain just for me. I know that He loves me and that because of Him, it is possible to achieve eternal life and to live with my family forever. It is only through Him that I am saved from my sorrows and sins. I owe it all to Him and to my loving Father in Heaven for sending him to earth to die for us. Watch this video and allow the Spirit to touch your heart. I know it did for me. I can't really put into words how much the Savior means to me and how strong our relationship is now. I know that because of the mission that my relationship is so much stronger with them because sometimes, yeah, you feel completely and utterly alone being away from your family and friends. But, I can testify that we are never alone. I have felt God's love for me on those days that I wanted to give up and I have been told to not quit because He loves me and I am worth it. I know that He loves each and everyone of you and that you are worth it to Him. You matter to Him and He should always matter to us. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful week! I pray for your safety and happiness each day. Oh, and also that you will share the gospel with someone. Gotta throw that out there. I love and miss you. Thank you for all that you done for me and continue to do for me. 

Stay sweet! (This ones for you, Allly B!)

Sister Peterson

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