Monday, August 18, 2014

The Week of Cheesecake

Hey! How are my favorite people doing? :)  

Monday- A bunch of sisters went to CastleWood Canyon in Franktown to hike and walk around. It was super fun!

Tuesday- S was baptized!!! It was so neat to be apart of her special day. Six of us sister missionaries sang "When I am baptized" and while we were singing, S started bawling and that got us all going, haha. She is just so cute and when she feels the Spirit, she really feels it! She left for school in Florida on Thursday so that was sad but she said that she will keep in touch. Her mom and younger sister are still being taught by the sisters so we are hoping that they will get baptized as well :) Its so cool to see how the Lord works and I know that He truly does put those that are prepared in our paths if we are paying attention.

Wednesday- All eight of the sisters in the zone went to mutual in Castle Rock to teach a ward of young women about modesty. Obviously, Sister Harrop and I taught the fashion portion of the lesson. We brought examples of how to make our clothes modest. It went really well and the girls seemed to really like it so we might do that again in different wards throughout the stake. 

Thursday- MY YEAR MARK! Sister Harrop, me, Sister Muro and Sister Murdock went to the mall for lunch and then we got cheesecake at the cheesecake factory, so delish! Sister Muro came out with us too so we are celebrated together. It was a lot of fun being about to talk about the MTC when we all met and to see how far we have all come in our missions. 

Friday- We had zone training and played minute to win it to teach us that sometimes we may only have one minute to testify. I did the magic carpet game where you had to sit on a towel and weave in and out of chairs and then slide under a table to reach the finish line. Yeah, what a great idea in a skirt right?? Clearly elders came up with that one. My knees got all scraped up and they were burning!! 

Saturday- We did service by helping a family pull weeds in their backyard. Are you proud of me Dad? Haha. And visited a ton of people in the ward to hand out flyers for the carnival on Saturday. 

Sunday- Yesterday was a really awesome day! We  saw two referrals that seem pretty solid. One of them is an aunt and uncle to a sister missionary in AZ. They were eating dinner when we went by but the lady was so nice when she found out that we were missionaries and that her niece sent us. And the other was from a lady whose dentist is a Bishop in Castle rock, she was super cool and asked a lot of questions and took everything we gave her like a Restoration and Plan of Salvation pamphlet and a Book of Mormon. She was really nice and said that we could come back anytime. So there's more and more potential popping up here! 


Happy anniversary to Jared and Lauren last week and to Matt and Ami this week!! 

I'm grateful for all of you and love you all!!! Keep being awesome!

Sister Peterson 

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