Monday, September 15, 2014

Half Marathon to the Temple?! Beast Mode!

What a glorious crazy week it has been! Let me just start this email off with saying that I am so sore and I am so sick. Fabulous, right? Can't really breathe, nbd. Also, sorry this email is a bit later then usual. The interent at the library that we usually go to was down so we found a ride down to Castle Rock's library so here I am now! Oh the joys of relying on the internet haha.
As most of you know, four of us sister missionaries went on a temple walk with the Castle Rock ward young women on Saturday. It was intense! We walked from Castle Rock to the Denver Temple which is thirteen miles so that explainsm why I am sore. Ouch! We started out a little after 630 am and we gave a devotional about how we all need to keep the temple in our sights. There were also some more devotionals and stops along the way to the temple. Had to stock up on snacks! Apparenty they do this every year. I think thats a great idea! Could you imagine if we did this growing up? Walking to Manhattan or DC? We would be DEAD. Haha there is no way! Talk about enduring to the end! The leaders wanted to show the girls that trials and hardships will come their way but if they will keep the temples in their sights that they will reach their goal! And it felt so good to finally arrive at the temple. I can't even beign to describe how we all felt when we first saw the temple spires. We were shouting for joy!! Basically fell to the ground with joy. The aftermath was not so pretty though, Sister Harrop and I have been walking around like the Quazi the hunchback haha. Our relief society president called us last night to make sure that we were okay because she said that we didn't seem like our normal selves at church haha so sad!! And the Killpacks have been taking care of us. So, no worries mom we are being watched over!
Our district leader asked us to plan the activity for district meeting on Friday so of course we did a legit one! We did a Harry Potter themed activity. It was the tri missionary tournament so we did a different game for each prinicple in the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson. We had them start out by picking out a name from the Goblet of Fire. We did a faith walk where we blindfolded them and had them walk (or run into things if you're the elders haha) around an obstacle course while we talked to them like the Holy Ghost whispers to us. We did a sports challenge, made them chug a water bottle and then we hid a sticky note around the building that they had to find. That last one was kind of like the merpeople in the hp, clever right? We had a lot of fun planning it so we're going to ask our dl if he will let us do the activites every week!
The ward missionaries have been making apointments with the young women for us to go over and talk about testimonies with them. Its been awesome to work with the girls more because I feel like I was just in the young women's program. Good times!
I am doing great and loving the mission! This is where I need to be in my life right now. I know that this gospel is true and is for our happiness. It is here so that we can all progress and return to live with our Father in Heaven someday. You are all so great and I am so thankful for you. I love you and miss you!! Thanks for sending a package, mom. You are the best!
Sister Peterson

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