Monday, September 22, 2014

You Never Know How Much Good You Do

What a crazy week! It went by super fast! Does anyone else agree with that? It was a good week full of road trips to the springs, exchanges and a wedding in Parker. We have had a few testimony lessons with more of the young women in the ward. We made some cute handouts for it so its been fun to do! I love working with the youth :) They invited us to the laurel's activity on Wednesday for a Q & A and to make nutella recipes. I'M SO THERE ITS INSANE. We finally got a hold of one of the less active laurels! We had lunch with her and her non-member boyfriend who is sort of interested in what we believe in. It was awesome to get to know Bianca, she's a sweet girl!
So, update on J the lady that we were helping move for a few months. She has a brain tumor and is going through nasty chemotherapy. Sadly she moved out of the mission so we can't go see her :( The sisters in her new ward are visiting her so that's good. She still wants to get baptized and take the lessons from Sister Harrop and I but she is just so sick that it wouldn't be anytime soon. We know that God knows her heart and her intentions. Its just so sad because they don't know how much time she has left. There is also a lady in our ward, T that is back in the hospital for the millionth time and they don't know what's wrong and how much longer she has either because its just the same problems over and over again. Its a sad time for sure but a comforting one at the same time because we know where they will be going. I am grateful that our loving Father in Heaven has given us His plan for each of us so that we don't need to wonder what will happen after this life. My heart goes out to Aunt Barb and her sister. I know that you will see her again someday and that you won't ever have to leave each other again. I am sooo blessed to know that and to have a testimony of the Plan of Salvation. I am grateful for my knowledge that life continues and that death is not the end. It brings me so much comfort and peace.
Do you remember that African man, R? The double amputee? He would come to our ward with his girlfriend, R who was returning back to activity. Sister Bjarnason and I would teach him in gospel principles each week. So he actually lives in Aurora which is in another mission but we just found out yesterday that HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!! How awesome is that?! We want to try to get permission to go but we will see what happens. Its just another testimony to me that it doesn't matter where the baptism takes place. The important thing is that they are on the path to return to live with our Father in Heaven again. Its just neat to think that we were able to help him in any way to reach that decision. You really never know who you are helping! Which reminds me! Okay so there's a new Mormon message out as of a few days ago! (Yeah, Sister Harrop and I are kind of obsessed with Mormon messages....don't judge!) But its called "you never know" and its kind of like this mini movie about this woman who has this huge to-do list and how there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. And at the end of the video it shows her sitting on her couch crying because of her stressful day where she thinks she didn't get enough done but then it shows the lives of all the people that she came in contact with that day and how she helped them. At the time, she didn't know how much she helped those people out and she may never know but it was a good message about how we really do never know how much we influence the lives of us around us. It was inspired by a talk given by President Hinckley called "To the Women of the Church" Its an excellent talk that everyone should read! He says “You never know. You never know whether you do any good. You never know how much good you do.” Here's the link so go watch it!! And remember that you do enough and that your best is good enough :) 
I came across this sweet website on called "". Its a blog run by teenagers in Utah. Maybe it would be a good youth activity to talk about because they write about our standards and why they keep them. I thought it was a cute little site that would be fun for Hays to take a look at. I also found this link about the youth temple challenge. Check it out! Is our ward doing this?
In the ward, we're getting ready to start a 40 day fast soon. Its when each family in the ward picks a day to fast for missionary opportunities and then they have us over for dinner to break their fast. We'll share a message with them and ask them how their fast went. We are really hoping that it will get the ward excited about missionary work and we're hoping to see miracles come from it!
Well that's about it from me for this week. I am enjoying myself and the mission! I am just so grateful to be here and to learn and grow as much as I have. I wouldn't be who I am without being here serving the Lord and I know that I have a ton more of learning and growing to do! Still trying to figure out how to be perfect... I'll let you know when I do. I hope that you are all happy and safe! I pray for you every day and hope that you are sharing the gospel with others! Mom and dad were BEASTS this week by going to MONTCO and sharing our beliefs with the people there!!! My parents are amazing and I am soo proud and impressed!! :) Step it up sisters hahaha I love you!!!!!
Sister Peterson

pics: Just on an important call with President Monson. I got called as the new AP. Don't act too surprised ;)
reppin AZ swag for Ami, Matt and Leah! Those license plats are legit everywhere! 

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