Monday, September 29, 2014

Meet the Mormons

So tomorrow we have a specialized training in Parker with the Parker South Zone and after the meeting we are watching Meet the Mormons!! I am so excited to watch it because dad said that it was so good so I know he's happy about that haha. He told me that I would cry watching the last story, I'll be packing the Kleenex. I'll let you know how it is!

This is super random but there is an LDS chiropractor in Castle Rock that realigns missionaries' spines for free. So, we were down in Castle Rock for a meeting on Friday so four of us sister missionaries went to get all cracked and I thought I was going to die! Especially when he snapped my neck on both sides!
It was almost like a twilight vampire moment. Let's just say that I'm glad to still be here! 

We met one of our referrals this week. He was referred to us by one of his old co-workers who is a member #membermissionarywork. His name is L and he's married with three boys and a little Asian girl that they just adopted from China. He is super nice and took a copy of the Book of Mormon! He said that he's talked to missionaries before but never in that much depth. He goes to a big Christian church in Highlands Ranch and said that he would come to church if we went to his. So, we'll see how that goes!

The General Women's conference was so good!! Did you just love it or what? I especially liked Neil F. Marriott, the sister with the Southern accent, she was a firecracker so naturally I loved her and could relate to her stories. I loved what the one sister said in the temple video to "never stop your steps to the temple". I thought that was a very good way to put it. I like that she said "steps" and not just way or plans or something  like that. I liked that it was an action word. We all need to move our feet and make goals on how we will get to the temple. We had a really nice chat with a less active lady this week. She hasn't been to the temple in years but she is really into family history work. She finds the names and then has her brother and sister-in-law do the work for her. We asked her why she doesn't want to take the names herself and she had a lot of reasons why not. We invited her to make the temple her goal again and to allow us to come back to help prepare her to get a temple recommend. I know that when we love people and are bold with them, that we will naturally want to help them along their spiritual journey.

I am so stoked for General Conference this weekend! It rejuvenates me and I look forward to it every six months! I'm so grateful that mom always bought us journals for us to take notes in. And that she encouraged us to write down questions that we had and to look for the answers as we watch. Its something I still do to this day so thank you for your great example in teaching us that importance, mom! Have you written down any questions for Conference yet?

For the testimony lessons that we have been doing with the young woman, we have been challenging them to hear them to bear their testimonies in fast and testimony meeting. A bunch of girls got up yesterday to do it and we were so proud!! Sister Harrop and I both went up to share our testimony with the ward. I am so grateful for the testimony that I have and that I am able to strengthen it each day by the small and simple things. 

I love you and miss you all! I pray for you every day. Please share the gospel with those around. You never know who needs to hear your unique testimony! You are all so great and I am lucky to have each of you in my life. You bless me with your support and strength. Have a great and safe week! Happy Fall and October! :)

Love from Lone Tree, 
Sister Peterson 


Jennerz, happy twentieth birthday on Friday! You're just growing up waaayy too fast! Don't party too hard, girl! Wait for me for to do that ;) Love and miss you pookie!! Study hard in rexy!

Happy birthday to Adie on Thursday! GIRL you need to write me haha. (make sure she sees this okay?) Love you still! Stay strong and do good things! I'm praying for you! 

 CONGRATS to Thomas on getting engaged!! And also to Matt on being called as the first counselor in the bishopric! 

pic: some of the sisters in the zone at the women's conference! 

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