Monday, October 13, 2014

Next Stop CO Springs

Hey everyone!

This just in: I am getting transferred to the Colorado Springs East Zone. I will be in the Meridian ward with Sister Stock. I am excited and ready for this change! It possibly could be my last area...freaking out only slightly. But it will be good and now the only challenge is packing (that worst thing ever!) I don't know how I have collected so much stuff over the past fourteen months but I have so mom, look out for a truck load of stuff coming home. Haha only kidding.. more like ten boxes.

My last week (who knew!) in Lone Tree was pretty great! 

Sister Harrop and I met the funniest guy at the library last week. He was a Southern black so of course he was automatically cool haha. His name was C but everyone calls him cornbread (that's normal, right?) We talked to him about Jesus Christ and gave him "The Lamb of God" and "Finding Faith in Christ" DVDS. He lives in the Springs and travels a lot for his salesperson job so sadly he doesn't live around here but maybe I will run into him again since I'm going to the Springs! He was really hilarious though and called us Harrop and Peterson and kept saying that we were models and referred to himself in the third person. 
You meet the most interesting people on the mission! 

Yesterday, I said goodbye to a ton of people which is always sad! Its a great ward and the people are awesome. I promised a few people that I would come back and visit someday. I will miss Sister Harrop! We have become so close over the past two transfers and she is a great missionary. But we are excited to be reunited when we both go home together. Change is always nice so I am just off to another great adventure on the mission. 

That's about it for me. I love and miss everyone!!! Have a happy week! Pray to be an answer to someone's prayers.
As I have been doing that, Heavenly Father has led me to those that need His message. Try it out!

Sister Peterson 

pics: you know I had to hahaha #fierce 

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