Monday, October 27, 2014

Sisterssssss...We FLY!

y'all better get that reference)

Hey everyone, 

I had a great week. Just livin up the mish life! Happy Halloween on Friday, what's everyone doing? Send me pictures!! 

Tuesdays we had interviews with President Rehm and one of the first things he said to me was "If I remember correctly you go home in Febrary. So that's three transfers so that's 18 weeks." I was like "UHM...WHAT?" He then proceeded to tell me that when people ask me about going home that it should push me to feel a sense of urgency to be the best that I can be. And honestly, that's all I want. I want to be the best missionary for my Father in Heaven. He deserves me to work my hardest for His children. So, at first what seemed like a weird comment from my mission president turned into some wise council from him ha. 

I went on exchanges with Sister Durtschi, a sister training leader. She is so awesome! We came out together so we've known each other awhile. Matt, she knows your family because she is from Ridgecrest. Small world! 

This area has a lot of service going on which is awesome! I have totally learned to love serving people on the mission. I wasn't the best at it before because I was a ridiculous girl but now I know the importance of serving those around us. That is when I can truly love someone when I see them through God's eyes. 

Saturday, was the Trunk or Treat! It was a ton of fun and a lot of non-members came. Our ward is on fire with inviting people to church and activities. It's refreshing. K, our investigator was there with her husband who isn't as interested as her so that was neat. J, the less active that we are working with came but it was just for the free food..... but it was the first time that she stepped inside a church building in six-eight months. So, that's progress! We helped her clean her house on Friday and asked her if we could re-teach her the lessons and she was up for it but then last minute she cancelled on us and didn't come to church :( What a let down!! But that's the way the mission goes, just have to allow yourself to be sad for them for a minute and then pick yourself back up and go help someone else in need. 

This is really random but there's a sister in the ward that trained Sister Saldavar from the District 2. Haha so that's my claim to fame! 

Lately, I have been focusing on chapter six in Preach my Gospel. It's the Christlike Attribute chapter. Sister Durtschi and I taught it in our pmg class on Thursday. I have been studying the attribute of charity and love. I know that everything we do stems out of our love for that person or thing. Christ loved everyone perfectly and although we can't do that because it's really hard and none of us are perfect, He will help us if we let Him. I have been praying to have more charity and love for my fellowmen and I know that Heavenly Father has blessed me with more patience or seeing someone's point of view. Just little things like that but to me they make a huge difference. I want to challenge you to do the Christlike Attribute activity and let know how it goes! I know that it will bless your life as you try to be more like Christ. Plus you will become happier and who doesn't want that? :)


Hailey, Happy sixteenth birthday today!! Stop growing up so fast, it's just weird!! Enjoy your day and have fun with mom! Don't forget to beat those boys off with a stick ;) (Dad, this comment is for you.) How's driving going? 

Sister Knight, happy birthday to you last week!! (I dunno about you but I'm feelin twenty-twooooo) You are a rockstar and are doing fabulous things for the people in Utah!! I hope you had a great birthday. Love you!! 

Hermana Infanzon, can't believe that you will be home in blessed PA on Thursday! You served an AMAZING mission. I am so proud of you and I know that your Heavenly Father is pleased with the work that you have done. You have blessed so many lives in El Salvador and the people will never forget you. I can't wait to go back and visit the mish with you, boo! Te amo mucho!!! :) Have a safe flight and write me ASAP. 

Love you! Miss you!! Make me proud by sharing the gospel with someone this week! Dad told me a cool story in his email about sharing his testimony. Now, everyone please do the same! 

Sister Peterson 

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