Monday, November 10, 2014



Its been a crazyyyy uhm I mean busy week! haha its always an adventure on the mish! 

We've been continuing doing role-plays with the ward and that's been going really well. Its nice to have the opportunity to teach the lessons more frequently to improve our teaching skills. 

At Preach my Gospel class on Thursday, one of the youth came up and introduced her friend to us. Her friends name is J and has member boyfriend who is at BYU right now, he leaves on his mission soon. She doesn't want to do the whole party school thing for college so she wants to go to BYU. I told her that's what my mom wanted too so it was cool to have that story to relate to her. She told her friend to convert her so she seems really solid. We are hoping to start teaching her this week!

K came to church again yesterday with her two daughters. We're just waiting for her to take the next step at this point. 

We had zone training on Friday and it was all about loving the people that we teach. They talked about how we really need to be truly loving those whom we teach and serve because they can tell if your love for them is sincere or not. It made me think of ways that I could improve in that aspect and it motivated me to try harder to love those that I teach. Its so crucial that we have charity and love in our hearts for the people that we come in contact with each day. I've been praying for that and have noticed a change in me.

This week is going to be busy! We have the mission tour, an RS activity, role plays, volunteering at a soup kitchen and one of the young women is going on a mini mission with us this weekend! This girl is really struggling so we wanted her to come out with us feel the happiness that sharing the gospel brings. 

Tomorrow we have our mission tour with Elder Baxter from the Seventy. I'm excited to see what he will have to teach us! 

Guess what?! On Saturday, I am going back to my old area, Lone Tree for a baptism! Remember Sarah who got baptized back in August? Well her twelve year old sister has decided to be baptized as well. And then their mom is getting baptized when Sarah is on break from school. I am so stoked to be there for her special day!!!

Love and miss y'all! Have a happy week and remember to share the gospel with someone! 

Sister Peterson 

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