Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome to Manassa

Hey y'all!!

Well I finally made it to the Valley safely on Wednesday afternoon. We had transfer meeting on Tuesday but then we stayed the night in the Springs with some sisters because it was storming and the roads were terrible. The La Vida pass that you have to take to get to the valley was iced over and some elders flipped their car because they tried to head back on Tuesday night but we were like oh heck no! They are fine though!

So we headed for Manassa on Wednesday and we had to drive through Pueblo so we decided to make a pit stop to see Amber and the Williams which was so fun! I love them so much!! It was so weird being back in Pueblo with Sister Bush since its been almost a year since we served there together. It was funny because we pulled up to the Chick Fil A drive thru and one of our YSA was working, he got a pretty good kick out of that. Everyone is surprised that we are companions again because its pretty rare that that happens (we found out that one of the AP's hooked us up. #winning!) But of course we both know that the Lord needs us here to work together to bring souls closer to Christ.

This area is BOOMING. We have a ton of potentials and we have a few investigators. We are teaching a woman named C who has been taught by missionaries before and has had baptismal dates but couldn't quit smoking. She has three children so we are also teaching her daughter A (12) and her son T (10) when they are around and they are all pretty solid! We had a lesson with C on Saturday night where we read 1st Nephi four with her because she was stuck on the part where Nephi kills Laban (a lot of people get hung up on that fact) and so we read it with her and explained it so now its not an issue for her. Its always cool to see how the spirit works though people and softens their hearts. We invited her to be baptized and she said YES!! But that she knows that she needs to quit smoking first. So we are having a lesson with her on Tuesday night and we are giving her the 12 step program to help her quit. And if she gets baptized then her two children will most likely get baptized as well!!!
We are going to start teaching an investigator named I. this week at a member's home and he seems really solid! So I will keep you posted on that.

This ward is awesome at giving us referrals even though like 90% of the town of like 1,000 people are members of the church because Mormons founded Manassa. But there are still quite a few non-members and less active members that we are working with/trying to work with. We are also teaching a ton of the missionary lessons to members. I feel so blessed to be finishing my mission in this area. Its such a cute little town that is so different from any other areas on my mission but I just already love it here. I will try to send pictures of it next week so that you know what I'm talking about.

I love you all and am so grateful for all that you do! Keep sharing your testimony with others because as you do, it will be strengthened and it will become more natural to talk about the gospel with others. Have a great happy week and I will talk to you later! :)

Sister Peterson

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