Monday, January 5, 2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2015 is going to be a great year!! I hope that you all made goals and plans for this year to come closer to Christ. 

My week was pretty good, we have been doing a ton of preach my gospel role plays with the families in the ward. It has been going really well and has kept us really busy! We also have quite a few potential investigators and a few less actives that we are trying to work with. I swear that the mission is like being in the FBI sometimes with tracking people down. People like to hide from us but we always find them. Missionaries are also professional stalkers in case you didn't know. 

This is really sad but kind of funny? Sister Stock managed to fall down the stairs while spilling hot chocolate all over herself. She's really graceful...poor girl. Soooo that happened. I told her that I was mentioning this in my email and she's fine with it. She will probably kill me later. 

The Dalton's took us to Tucanos for dinner on Friday night and it was my first time going! If you are a meat lover, you need to go there because that's all they serve. I got a death by chocolate dessert. Super delish. I also ate a chicken heart. Not delish. More like chewy and gross. It was like I was having a foreign mission experience for a minute. God bless America! I love the family that we live with. They are so celestial! Especially the daughter, Gracie, she is so cute and has become another little sister to me :) (I told her that I would give her a shout out!)

I was on the other day and stumbled across this video. Actually, it was on the home page but whatever. Its the 2015 youth theme and its all about service! The scripture this year is D&C 4:2. I just really love this video because its about serving others which is a huge thing skill that I have learned on the mission and its a blessing being able to serve others. I might have cried while watching this.. I was just really feeling the spirit ya know?! 

Transfers are next week. Sooooooooo weird. We will find out if we are leaving on Saturday night when they make phone calls. I will keep you posted about that next week! 

Happy birthday to Jared last week!! Hope it was great! :)

Love youuuuu! Have a wonderful week and share the gospel!!

Sister Peterson 

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