Monday, January 26, 2015

Miracles Never Cease


Its been a busy, awesome week!! I am so tired so hopefully this makes sense. Just sayin...

First things first.. C, our investigator has a BAPTISMAL DATE!! Its for February 21st! We had a lesson with her on Tuesday and were talking about baptism and seeing where she's at with that and she was like "yeah, I'm ready" so we were like okay let's set a date because we know that you can do quit smoking by then and Heavenly Father always blesses us when we act and put forth some effort. So she looked at her calendar and said February 21st looks good to me and we all felt like that was right. We have seen her practically every day since then and talk to her about her baptism and she is still good for that. And yesterday her, A, T and N (T's friend) all came to church!! Its crazy because it always seems like bad things happen whenever your investigators are trying to get to church because she said that she woke up with a migraine, had a flat tire and fought with her son that morning but they all still came to church. She said that she would walk to church if she had to. SOLID right? She is so great and just such a good person. Sister Bush and I are lucky to know her! So we are REALLY excited for her baptism in a few weeks. So please pray that she will have the strength to quit smoking and work out some other things in her life. We gave her the 12 step program so she has been reading that and then on Sunday she is getting some medicine that can help her quit so she wanted to give that a few weeks to kick in I guess. Its amazing to be able to witness the change in people when they know that this is what true and what God wants for them in their lives.

I, who I mentioned last week that we are trying to work with bailed on us last week so we were waiting for him for like forty minutes trapped in this old ladies house, that was interesting. I find myself having so many stories where I say "only on the mission..." haha too true. So we are going to see him this week to see what's up. We do have a new investigator named B! He's a Hispanic guy that's like in his sixties or seventies. Who apparently thinks that we're dating and calls me dimples? Yeahhh.. its weird but once again only on the mission! He lives by himself in a tiny little trailer in a field. He is progressing though! So far we have given him a restoration and plan of salvation pamphlet and he has read both! We also gave him a Book of Mormon and in like three or four days he was at the part where Nephi slayed Laban and went back to his family with the gold plates. So that's pretty impressive. We go and see him a few times a week and we all have a feeling that he will be converted without even knowing it and will join the church.

We have been so incredibly busy this week so that means that we are so incredibly tired but in the happiest way possible! We've had back to back appointments all day every day with our investigators, service and teaching the active family missionary lessons. Its a blessing to serve others and be apart of their conversion process whether they are members or not. We all need to continually be converting ourselves over and over gain to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God and Jesus Christ live and they love us! And that should give us the motivation to keep going even when its hard because we are all made of the divine, strong stuff.

I love and miss you all so much!! I hope that you have a great week! Make good choices!!

Sister Peterson 

So the first picture is of the cute yellow house that we live in and the second picture is in a town near us called Antonito and apparently this guy made his house completely out of trash. Pretty sweet!

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