Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 9

Hey there family and my devoted fans,

What a week it has been! So we're having P-day today on a Tuesday because yesterday was Columbus day or whatever.... haha kidding grateful that he found 'MERICA! Just sayin...
So here was my week!
Oh, S.... we are still teaching him and he is getting closer. We can feel it! Invited him to be baptized again but he still wants to know everything and doesn't want to join the church yet because he is afraid of falling away. So he has really good intentions but we explained to him that he needs to have the faith to act first and then see the miracles.
Wednesday, Sister Mangisi and I taught the other half of the Activity Day Girls. They were so cute and excited about missionary work! They wanted to roleplay and be missionaries and investigators, it was precious!
T and his grandmother are doing well. We went over the first topic in Duty to God with him which was really neat for us to do! Just needs to have more friends in the ward in his quorum. Friends are important, ya'll!

Okay so Sunday was so awesome because Sister Mangisi and I walk into the chapel and notice this guy in jeans so we walk up to him and find out his name is J and that he came to the church building last week and listened to General Conference. And he said that the elders called him and told him to come to church and he did! And we are pretty sure he is in our ward boundaries because he had just moved from the area next to ours. And we have an appointment to teach him on Thursday. Miracle!!
It is currently snowing.. wait I thought I left Rexburg? Haha apparently not.. so maybe I'll build a snowmen later. I'll keep you posted next week on my adventures in the snow. Hey, mom so all the elders think your name is legit because of the football player, Adrienne Peterson hahaha. Keep up the good work in those games!
Well, I love you and miss you all! Hope everyone is doing well!
Hugs and Love,
Sister Peterson

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