Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 11


How is everyone? Send me pictures of your costumes! Ami and Matt and Lauren and Jared did and they looked so legit. I'm so proud! 

Can't believe that it is P-day again. Here's a re-cap of my awesome week:

So we taught S about personal revelation and it went pretty well. He seems to be progressing  but gets stuck on the little things. We had a brother in our ward who speaks Chinese come to talk to him and it was so cool to see them talk! He helped out a lot with explaining certain things to S. It was really good to get his perspective because he also knows a ton about the Chinese culture so he was able to relate what we were talking about to how S was raised. It was awesome! 

We had our ward's Trunk or Treat on Friday and it was a lot of fun! A family in the ward gave Sister Mangisi and I a pumpkin full of goodies like pens, notebooks, flashcards, and candy. It was so sweet! Love them! And of course I couldn't help myself so we walked around to the cars and got some candy. We were trying to go around and talk with everyone so it was the perfect opportunity plus they insisted that we take some candy. Can't say no to that! A few of the children in the ward brought their non-member friends with them so we had the opportunity to be introduced to them which was nice. Hopefully something will come out of it!

Stake conference was this weekend. Elder George R. Rhodes Jr. of the Seventy came to speak to the stake. He was pretty intense but a funny cute little old man. He wanted all the missionaries in our stake to go to the Stake Leadership Priesthood Meeting so it was cool to be there! A ward in the stake did a role-play of their ward council meeting and how they should be conducted. Elder Rhodes came down to them from the pulpit and asked the elders to see their planners and then grilled them. You could just see all of us missionaries cringing for them. And it was my district leader and his companion but they did a really good job. And Elder Rhodes complimented President Anderson on his great job with us missionaries :) The Adult Session had a lot to do with missionaries and members working together. So if you can go out teaching with the missionaries! It means so much to us and to the people we are teaching. The Temple President and his wife came to the Sunday session and talked about how important it is that we try our best to go to the temple. I am so excited to go to my Temple Jubilee (its when we get to go to the temple at our half way mark!) It was a very uplifting weekend. Fun fact: the Stake President is in our ward so its like a little piece of home here with me in the Springs :) 

A district goal of ours is to create a family mission plan with every family in our ward and so far, so good! It's amazing to see the families working together to share The Gospel with the people around them. The wards are just so great here! 

Wishing happy birthdays to Stephen, Aunt Barb, Aubrey and Hermana Graff this week! Love you all! 

I love and miss everyone and I am so glad to hear that all is well and that you all are staying very busy! Hays how was your birthday?! Keep sharing the Gospel with the people that you meet! Be fearless ;)

Much love and xoxo's,
Sister Peterson 

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