Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 6


This week flew by and a ton happened. So I have a lot to talk about but that's not anything new... haha. It was a great week and I am loving my mission!!!

People we taught this week...
 So, Wednesday we met with our beloved S. Sister Mangisi and I taught him about tithing and fasting. And he is seeming to understand the importance of it. Smart guy! He is still struggling with knowing EVERYTHING like every little detail of the Gospel so the Masseys, a couple that are his fellowshippers, have been helping a ton with answering those question for him. Thank goodness for them! They are awesome. Yay member missionary work!! So near the end of the lesson the spirit was SO strong like I physically felt a punch in my stomach strong. And everyone was bearing rock solid testimonies to him. And Sister Mangisi and I had talked about it ahead of time to invite him to be baptized and we decided that me, the greenie, would take the lead in extending that invitation to him.To say the least, I was NERVOUS. This in fact WAS real life (David after dentist anyone? hahah). I said a prayer in my heart and had the thought "he is going to say yes." So with that, I invited S to be baptized if/when he received his answer. And... he said YES!!! Without hesitation. So then I asked him if we could set up a date for him to work towards... and.. he said no, not yet. He didn't want a date because he wants his answer. So it was a really high and then a low. But it's okay! Because we both have faith in Heavenly Father's timing and we know that He will answer S. So we are crossing our fingers for Tuesday!!!

We met with T and his grandma on Thursday and taught them about the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood. Such a neat topic, right?! Thank goodness Jamison was there to tell them about how having the Priesthood has blessed his life and his families life. They agreed to come to church AND THEY DID!! This is a huge deal for T because of his not wanting to socialize and this was his second time coming to church in four months. So I was so happy when we saw them there! Baby steps in the right direction...

We also met with a less active member this week, L and what is neat about that is that she doesn't really let anyone in and no one has been able to meet her because of that. So, when we set up the appointment with her and then when she let us in we were beyond thrilled. She is a great lady but she needs the motivation to go to church. Her whole family (husband, a son and a daughter) have all been baptized but are all older and inactive. She said her parents are great examples to her but that she just doesn't go to church. The awesome thing is that she agreed to have us back later this week to role-play a lesson to her!!! We are so happy!!!

Brother White from our ward has a friend from work, W and we met with him on Friday and taught him the Plan of Salvation. He had met with the sisters before I came so we picked up where we left off. He is a super goofy guy, in his fifties and has this laugh that just... you just gotta hear it hahaha. Super funny guy! So I appreciated that. He was a Christian but now is a Methodist and so he does read the Bible and has knowledge about it. We are not really sure if he is just being polite to Brother White by taking the lessons but hey he's there and listening and learning with us then that is seed is being planted. It's all about the invitation!!! 

Shout outs!

Hays- Good luck in band auditions. Rock the house little one!!!! Also, a letter from you would be nice... just sayin' haha.

Jenna- How's school!??! Ah BYU-Idaho is the best!!! I am so much more grateful for that little town of Rexburg. It is truly such a special place! I bet the boys are just knocking your door down seeing this new cutie in town so swat them away like flies! hahaha.

Joy- Happy birthday on Thursday Joy Joy!!! They grow up so fast... *sniff sniff* Love you, sister!! 

I am so humbled and grateful to be on a mission. I know that this is where I need to be right now and that my Heavenly Father trusts me enough to send me to His prepared Children. I love and miss you all soooo much and love hearing from you all!!!

Infinite X and O's (cute, huh?)
Sister Peterson 

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