Monday, June 23, 2014

Even the ice cream man needs the Gospel!

Hey everyone!
So it's been an awesome couple of days here in the wonderful city of Lone tree.. .yup, there is just one tree. I am still trying to figure that one out haha. It's so pretty here! So there are two cities that we can see from our area, Denver and Littleton. It is kind of crazy because one side of the street is our mission and then the other side of the street is the Denver South mission... insane right? So we aren't allowed to cross the street, we can only look at it haha. The ward here is so great, its kind of weird being back in a family ward again after working with the YSA for four and a half months but its nice to have only one ward to work with now. I miss Pueblo a lot but I know that this is where the Lord needs me to be so I'm cool with it. My companion, Sister Bjarnason is a beast!! She is so legit and we have been working sooo hard! Since I arrived on Wednesday afternoon, we taught forty lessons, its been so much fun! Since its her last transfer, we are doing a challenge to make contact with 1,000 non-members by the end of this transfer. So we need to talk to like 27/28 a day and so far we have! So we have been knocking doors all day every day. I know that as we try our best to find someone to teach that the Lord will bless us. We even gave out a Book of Mormon to the ice cream guy yesterday. He was pretty upset that we wouldn't buy ice cream (it was the Sabbath ya know...) he still took one. Okay so I just left it in his truck for him and he finally was like "no no, ......okay fine" yup, persistance is a good thing haha. We have just had so much fun with talking to everyone that we have come in contact with. It totally strenghtens my testimony as I share it with all I meet.
Its crazy that Sister Bjarnason is going home after this transfer because legit everyone asks her about it and wants to talk about it and then there's me over there like "hiiii" haha its interesting thats for sure! I love that sister, she is so great! I love this area and I love the people. Its so crazy how you come into a new area not knowing anything or anyone and even only after a few days you grow to love everything about it. Its cool how the spirit works within us once we humble ourselves accept God's will.
So we went to the temple with Am. and M. on Tuesday and it was basically the best experience ever!! The Spirit was so strong and they both loved being in the house of the Lord. I also was baptized and confirmed for Emma Orman, she is my great great great grandmother. Not sure if you know anything about her mom but I found her on familysearch a few weeks ago and took her name with me. (yeah she found her because I added her haha-Ami)
Our new mission President comes on Friday and President and Sister Anderson leave on Saturday :( They have been so wonderful and I am so grateful to have known them for the first ten months of my mission. I will miss them but look forward to reunion parties next year! :)
Happy anniversary to mom and dad tomorrow!! Thirty one years of sweet bliss and an amazing fourth child who just lights up their lives and whom they love oh so much :)
Happy birthday to daddy on Friday! Expect a father's day and birthday card in the mail soon. I love you and am so grateful for everything that you have done for me. Also, everything that you have taught me! It means so much to me and the lessons that I have learned from you have helped me so much on my mission. So thank you for everything!!!
Fam fam, I love and miss you all so much. Enjoy your lives and be happy every day because we all are so truly blessed to be member's of Christ's one true church :)
Sister Peterson

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